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    My wif ehad a gangbang in the "hood" with a bunch of BBC's.....now they want her to meet with them by herself,. There were four and they came in her ass, pussy and mouth......she says that my little dick can wait until she drains their black cocks....it was horrible...they were drinkingt and lisentig to rap music and treating her like a cum dumb.

    Should i say no...she will leave me....or go along with her fascination with bbc? She is doing a video thi sweekend with reeldirty.com and fucking a bbc with 10 inches they said was a "log".........multiple guys anf gangbangs will come later. she doesnt even want to touch me cuz the bbc 's stretch her to the point of pain.

    Should I let her be a fuck toy for these ghetto rats? She loves it...she swallowed 3 loads.....I feel like things are getting out of control, but she loves bbc and black cum.....

    Iv e become a cuckold....after they filled her ass with cum...she told me to suck the cum out if i wanted to jerk off on her. Im freaking out. She wants at least one 10 - 12 inch bbc per week or its over,,,,,,,FUCK!!!!
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    Fuck, your wife is extremely hot! Wish I had a black dick to serve her....
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    Your wife is now a Black cock slut. Congratulation. ;)
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