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honeymoon poll - would love to get your answers black studs

She got gangbanged by 3 black studs who came in her multiple times and knocked her up on her honeymoon. The moral of the story is that if you're a small dicked cuck and you marry a HOTWIFE you'd better be prepared for her to be fucking BBC. Lots of it...

justin feu

Real Person
She gotta be gangbanged by 21 black studs, they will form 7 groups, each consisting of 3 bbcs, each group will use her in rotation. Her pussy, asshole and mouth will never be free of BBCs the entire time of the gb party. The gang will leave their cum in their holes for you to clean @jondo
you find her bikini on the hall floor in front of your room... you walk in and find a big black stud pounding her and 2 others stroking their dicks waiting for their turn