Homemade Interracial Video Thread...Add Yours


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ha ha yeah...me and her have been best friends for a great long while so i know her body well...she has been married twice and said i am the first person she has ever squirted with...btw would you like to join us honey for a 3 way someday on a serious note? I am sure she would like you and i could let you 2 kids play for a while...we should keep in touch because we are bound to meet one day soon...kisses:D


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this is my first black man he is husbands friend we had talked about me going black and i told him i would only try it for first time if it was someone i knew at the time we made this video i new him for about ten years now john goes on a canoe trip every year with us and he seen my titties many times i like to flash once it was just me and him in the boat and i let him play with my nipples hubby was no were around but thats another story , well i was just going to blow him while hubby took vid and before i knew it we were both nude and he had his cock deep in me and sucked my titties like a hoover vac he fucked me good and came in my mouth three times when we were done fucking i was laying on my back and john had his finger in my belly button moveing it back and forth i asked him what he was doing and in a low voice next to my ear he said im mixing my cum up in your belly mmm i liked it. ps he fucked me bareback