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    Peggy called home. After a few rings her daughter answered. Peggy asked how she was and how her day went. Everything was good. Was Dad home yet? No? Okay, well mom was going to be home a little late and dad should start dinner when he arrived. Mom just had a few things to do and wouldn't be too much longer. Okay? See you later dear. Love you. Peggy ended her call and slipped her I-phone back into her purse, then looked across the hotel room to where Tadd, the handsome black stud who worked in her office was laying on the bed waiting, his huge black cock fully erect and throbbing. Everything okay baby, he asked. Everything's fine, she replied as she slid her panties down and stepped out of them.

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    I get a call or more usually a text similiar to that about once a week...
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    I have had to call home and tell my kids that Mom would be late before. I had to take the black dick out of my mouth though. When i finally did get home my husband would always ask me what I was doing when I had called and told my kids or mother in law what I was doing. He wanted me to go into detail about it. I would say I was being fucked in my mouth or pussy where ever my black stud had is dick at the time. I called once and my mother in law answered the phone at the time I was having a huge black dick shoved in my ass and she wanted to chit chat. He just kept shoving his dick in my ass and I was trying not to take my deep breaths like I do when a dick is being crammed in my ass. She was telling me about some sale going on all the while some black guy was going balls deep in my ass. I soon felt his nut sack hit my pussy lips and I knew he was about to start pumping my ass and I knew once that started I couldn't keep talking. I guickly got off the phone and I started becoming turned on by getting fucked in my ass but also thinking about what she would think if she knew that her daughter in law was naked at a black guys house with 2 of his friends there waiting their turn to fuck me in the ass. What a black cock whore I am and I really got a nasty attitude come over me. I asked the 2 new guys I had never met to shove their dicks in my mouth or let me rim their ass. They looked shocked and the bull that had his dick in my ass said hey guys y'all heard the slut. He said if y'all really want a rim job you will never forget let this bitch rim you while she is being fucked in in the ass. The older guy shoved his ass in my face and I went to work on him. He layed on his stomach and put his ass where I could get to it. I spread his ass cheeks and stuck my face between them and shoved my tongue up his ass all the while my bull was reaming my ass hole. Both of the new guys said dam you were right this bitch is a real slut just like you said. The guy who's asshole I was rimming started to comment about how much I enjoyed eating his ass out and the other one told his friend that he wanted some of my tongue also. The guy being rimmed could not move he said this bitch is to good at this and I can't pull away just yet. My bull said hey guys hang on this slut will be here for awhile and what ever we want to do to her she is ok with it. Her husband won't come pick her up until we call for him to. They both commented about my hubby leaving his wife there with them. My bull said yeah her husband knows how much she loves to eat a black mans asshole out and the white bitch don't let her husband fuck her ass and she doesn't eat his asshole. The white slut only does to black men. The black guy waiting is turn put his hand on the back of my head and shoved it down into his friends asshole more saying yeah you fucking slut get that tongue deep in that black ass I am going to sit on your face when my turn comes. That night was like many others I have had with my bull and some of his friends.
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    You have the best stories