Holding back or rip her open?

As you may know i have plans to have my wife blacked for the first time. It struc me that most guys are realy focussed on the wife and i wondered what in the heat of the moment is most common.
What if a bbc firsttimer struggles to handle to bbc only partly in? Will you hold back (maybe quit) or get the job done and rip her open? Please share you experiances.
(by pm if you prefer)

Mariposa blanca

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Look at it this way: if she gets hurt, and you were the one who wanted this "for her", then who's she going to blame for the pain? It's partly the bull, yes, but if it weren't for her "loving husband", it wouldn't have happened. So you will share the blame. So, unless you're the type of guy who actually wants the woman you love to be hurt, find the right bull and make sure he takes the time she needs.

A good experience can actually bring you closer.

Just my opinion.
Coming from someone who has been with them all , u must take your time when breaking a greenie into Bbc , u want to encourage her and build her spirits up for future sessions , she will only become better at what she does best .. Good-luck...