ima go off on a little rant...
i find it interesting how u cucks call us black men "black men" but yet send ur wives to us to get fucked..
and i bet yall white men would say that to most black mens faces...

STOP writing me dudes and cucks and then get mad when i tell yall to fuck off..


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biddickstuna ... who's been using racial slurs here, I haven't seen it being used. And, the only time I ever hear the "N" word used anymore are in movies, or when black men are saying it to each other or listening to rap. It only makes sense if people want a word to go away, they'd quit using it themselves. :confused: Maybe its the crowd one hangs with.
There does seem to be a lot of bisexual, white males on here; guess its their chance to live out their suppressed homosexual side. And I think many use the "cuckold" excuse to be get closer to black men. :rolleyes: