Hmmm, where to start.....

Ok, um, I'm Stacey, married mom, VERY much into BBC for the past 3 plus years. My husband is cuckolded but not in the way most people assume with the whole humiliation angle. He knows I love him. He is my best friend, a wonderful man and a wonderful father, but he also knows that sexually, blacks take full priority if that makes sense.

I'm not new to the IR scene but I am new to sites like these. I am not really looking to meet, at least not yet. I do have a steady Bull that keeps me very happy. I just think it's nice not to be the only one doing this and love to chat and make friends with other women like me devoted to BBC pleasure.

I tried other sites like forums and was very disappointed to find it has practically 90% cucks in it. I have enough with one cuck, I don't need more :)
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WoW -- about as far away as can be. . . bummer. You and Nancy would make for quite the couple of girls to watch for an evening with your BBCs. Thanks for the quick comeback, too.