His Wife, My Bitch

Not all of my encounters end up on camera. The following is story was written for my site by the husband of a wife that I recently met. I've asked him to share a few details which I now present in his own words, for your reading enjoyment.

We are a cuckold couple. We are in our late 40s. I know you read this sort of thing in Penthouse all the time, but my wife has a body any woman in her 20s would envy. She is petite: 5’2”, 120 lbs, 36C-24-36 ( very full “C” cup, I should say). She has a flat tummy and very shapely legs. She has blond hair and fair skin. She also has a perfect, round ass. Her body was designed by Her creator for sex. She gives and receives pleasure. Men want Her. She knows it and loves it.

I am Her cuckold and Her servant. This has been an evolving thing over the years: She has become more independent and more controlling of me, while I have become more submissive to Her. She dates. Some of Her boyfriends I have met. Others I have not. She rarely permits me to fuck Her and, at times, She controls my orgasms. She likes to prohibit me from cumming for weeks at a time, while forcing me occasionally to masturbate to the edge of orgasm and stop. This is a very painful process for me and heightens my sexual frustration to a nearly unbearable level. This exercise amuses Her and excites Her. It pleases Her to see what I will endure for Her pleasure. My pain and sacrifice feed Her libido and make Her orgasms more intense. I don’t enjoy the experience, but it is exciting to have this effect on Her.

Meanwhile, the more I am deprived, the more obsessed with Her I become, the more excited She gets, and the more She enjoys dating and playing with others. She enjoys large cocks and hard pounding. On those rare occasions that I am allowed inside Her, She teases me and I cum very fast. She never orgasms with me inside Her. Thus, She needs well endowed lovers for satisfaction.

Enter Brandon Longwood.

I had seen Mr. Longwood’s website and knew of him from other references on websites discussing cuckolding and/or interracial sex. I thought I owed it to my Wife to arrange for them to correspond to see if they wanted to meet. Of course, it was a fairly simple process and predictable. Mr. Longwood saw a pic of my Wife and, like virtually all men, he wanted to fuck Her. And my Wife saw his fit body, his large cock and his confident attitude and She wanted him, too. He was traveling and made arrangements to stop in our town to meet Her. He immediately asserted his alpha status by directing me to obtain a hotel room for their pleasure. He would arrive in town late at night and they would meet the next morning. With his approval, I reserved a small suite at a hotel near our home. I checked into the room in the afternoon. At the front desk, I left a key in an envelope with his name on it. I texted him the room number. He arrived late that night, claimed his room key and went to his room.

The next morning, I took my Wife to the hotel to meet him. As usual, I was anxious and jealous. I knew that yet another man was going to enjoy my Wife when I was cut off. I knew they would be cumming while I ached for release that would not come. But I knew that my service would please Her. My drive to please Her can overcome any frustration, any pain, any humiliation.

We arrived at the room. Typically, for sexual alpha males like Mr. Longwood, he ignored me. He was interested only in my Wife. She stepped toward him, extending Her left hand, flashing Her wedding ring. He took Her hand, drew Her to him, put his arms around Her small waist and kissed Her. Deeply. She responded, and my heart pounded.

He led Her to the bedroom, where he slowly began stripping Her. I caught Her clothing before it fell to the floor, folding it and setting it on a tabletop. Soon, She was naked, but for Her heels, kneeling before him and lowering his pants. His superior cock came into view and She took it in Her hand, opened Her mouth, and began making oral love to it. I thought it was big when She started, but it continued to grow. She turned to me and said, “Do you see why you can’t fuck me? Do you see why I prefer others? His cock is twice as big as yours.” She then went back to worshiping it.

While my Wife sucked his cock, he stroked Her hair and touched Her perfect body. After at time, he lifted Her up and laid Her back on the bed. She opened Her beautiful legs for this hung stranger and He lowered his head to Her pussy. Soon She was writhing, clutching his head and cumming, audibly. I don’t know how many times She came that way, but I know Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter in anticipation of the experience I simply cannot provide. She was going to be filled, stretched, satisfied. I was going to stand by, impotently watching another man take and provide what is beyond my reach.

Then, the moment arrived. He raised up, crawling on the bed, crawling on top of Her. His huge cock pointing directly at Her married white pussy. This was this point where I expected reality to intrude on fantasy. This was the point where She typically asks Her lover if he has brought a condom. I waited for Her to hesitate and speak. But he got on top of Her and She only smiled. Saying nothing. He reached down and grasped his cock with his right hand. She was smiling. She was silent. Then it just happened. His huge cock slid bare into Her beautiful, sacred pussy. The object of my obsession and worship simply accepted him. Just like that, he took my Wife.

The rest of it was just fucking. Yes, he was very very good. They fucked in a variety of positions. Missionary, doggy style, Her on top. And I could see how excited She was, from the creaminess showing on his dark shaft as he slid out of Her pussy before filling Her again. He fucked Her for about 45 minutes and I know he could have kept going. I could tell he wanted to. But She is not accustomed to such a large cock. And although She was cumming, She was also growing fatigued. Her pussy was getting tired. She also wanted his cum. It excited Her to make such a large cock so hard, and it excited Her to take him past the point of control, causing him to spurt inside Her. She wanted to feel his body stiffen and She wanted him to shoot inside Her.

He complied. Soon his body tightened and he came. His sperm was inside my Wife. Inside Her pretty white married pussy. I could see the satisfaction on Her face as his body relaxed.

He pulled out of Her and lay next to Her. She looked at me – acknowledging me for the first time since bragging to me about the size of his cock – and said, “Do your job.” I walked over, knelt over Her, and lowered my head to Her pussy. I cleaned Her. I licked and drank his cum from Her pussy. I do not enjoy this task, but She insists, and She loves showing Her lovers how powerful She is. She says it is no test of my devotion to do things I enjoy. I must do things I do not enjoy, in order to prove myself to Her. So, I proved myself. I cleaned Her thoroughly.

I then removed myself from the room, so they could enjoy smalltalk. Soon they dressed, embraced and kissed. Wordlessly, I waited. She announced it was time to do, so I opened the door and held it for Her and we left.

Thank you for fucking my Wife, Mr. Longwood. I hope it will happen again.