Hidden Denial and Blatant Truth


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"Honey - I think it's time for you to change. He'll be here soon". Those few words so softly whispered by her husband confirming that soon there dutifully, preparing for her first interracial sexual experience, and the time they spent corresponding and sorting through so very many prospective partners was about to end in something she both longed for and dreaded.

She stood. Her legs uncertain as she bent down to kiss her husband before walking into the bathroom. Closing the door behind her, her eyes saw the sheer two piece white nightie they had selected especially for this day. The same one she had worn on their wedding night. She stood there looking at it and recalled all that had brought them to this moment in time.

It all began so innocently it seemed now. A furtive glance, just a quirk of fate, that he had noticed the look of wonder and hunger in her eyes that evening. What could have been one of the many trials and tribulations that rain down on the bowed heads of mankind, was exposed to the light. She recalled how exceedingly painful, but unimportant then, yet now so devastatingly crucial in their marriage that moment had become...

But the Fates don't tread lightly and they are not to be denied their whims ... beyond the hurt she felt she knew there were long-range consequences to the feeble denials she tried so desperately to give.

So a concept evolved. He said it first, almost, but not really in jest. Perhaps it was a subconscious reaction, a remorseful, self-punishing remark,

"Darling I know you... you want to have sex with another man - a black man."

The shock and disbelief her husband would say such a thing horrified her.
But once said, and he revealed the things he had observed when she was near black men, gradually took root in her mind, and however outrageous in concept, the ease with which it could happen was readily apparent. After all, if emotion could be set aside, what did it take... a suitable male .. A few minutes on a bed and her deepest fantasy would become real.

It lurked in her subconscious, surfacing with alarming frequency. Having sex with a black man... just slip her under-pants off for him, followed by a few minutes of sexual thrusting until she felt his warm ejaculate flow into her ... how bazaar... yet the idea was as thrilling as it was terrifying.

Though it was to be recreational sex only, her gripping thoughts of extramarital intercourse seemed strangely inappropriate. They had deliberately sought out and planned intercourse with another man, one they only knew through their correspondence... oh God, how embarrassing to even think of it. And the shy little blue-eyed wife thought the unspoken word, the euphemism for intercourse ... fucking... and the image of herself fucking another man, a black man, pranced obscenely through her thoughts and she blushed even deeper.

Slowly she began to remove her clothing. As her blouse was undone and removed she tried to count how often in the stillness had her mind drifted and she found herself reflecting on an image of a black man's erect penis. She found herself wetting, while contemplating its size... As her skirt fell to the floor thoughts of its difference from her husbands played in her consciousness... The bra clasps opened and as her pert breasts felt the coolness of the air she wondered how it might feel as it pushed into and lodged deep in her vagina. And as she pulled her now moist panties down she tried to dismiss the possible intensity of the intimate contact ahead of her, but she secretly knew... it would be tremulous.

She looked at herself in the mirror, now nude and saw herself in the moments after, lying on her back in a rumpled bed, still hot and sweaty, her husband seated next to her head, leaning close, staring into her eyes as he held her hands as the black man's precious baby-making sperm wiggle its way past her cervix, and into her uterus.

Thinking about what was ahead, her pretty face and neck redden deeper with blush. Staring into the mirror she saw a lovely blonde wife looking back. Her hands move to her breasts, cupping them, seeing them being touched by only the second man in her life. A troubling thought raced through her mind... will I look different... after... will anyone be able to tell? What will it feel like... a different and so much larger man between her legs... his eager penis thrusting in and out of her distended vagina? As the time drew near, she felt the raw excitement deepening and then a pang of guilt.

Again she forced herself to think about how quickly and simply it could be. Her face grew hot. Thoughts known only to her made her breathing irregular as she imagined the feeling of it touching her wet seam... pushing in, stretching her creamy tissues, then throbbing deep in her tense belly as he filled her with his semen.

How silly... she tried to quash the thought. She tossed back her long tresses and glanced away from the image of the fresh-faced woman. But her mind refused to follow. Having sex with only the second man in my life ... doing 'it' with another man..... fucking a black man. . How could it be so very different? It will probably be very much the same as making love with my husband, she speculated. Only the size of his penis and his sperm will be different, strong and viable. And, after all, fucking is pretty much universally the same. And well... don't all men do it the same way? Besides, she mused; we do live in an enlightened, less puritanical world. But still the thought was very fear provoking and... well yes, she had to admit, a little exciting.

Taking the sheer silken bottoms of the nightie and feeling the cool softness of the fabric sliding up her legs she knew that this had to happen... this sweaty joining and mixing of fluids with a Negro male. As she drew the semi-transparent top over her head she the thought of how long she had wanted for this to take place and she drew a deep breath. Still the images raced through her mind as she stood now ready before the mirror.

Brushing her hair back, her hands touched her face - finding it hot to the touch as she gazed at the woman in the mirror. She looked at her heaving breasts and her delicate pink nipples pushing against the sheer fabric of the nightie - their redness enhanced by the gauzy white material. Lower still she could see the small tuft of blonde pubic hair above the delicate little slit of her sex.

Turning to the door she took a deep breath accepting that her first black sex partner would soon be with her, the bottoms would soon be off and they would make love in the bed that waited just beyond the bathroom door for her. Accepting that soon another man's penis, chosen for it's length and thickness would soon be fucking her with her legs pushed back and her knees wide apart.

Opening the door, she walked slowly to the bed and sat beside her husband feeling weak as the thudding of her heart made her feel lightheaded. They sat quietly for several minutes waiting, her husband's strong arms comforting her as he told her how beautiful she was.

Her husband touched her face and gently he kissed her saying, "Darling are you ready?" As they waited a strange blend of dread and excitement flushed her face. She drew in a deep shuttering breath as she once more thought of the man who would soon be lying upon her - giving her the sexing she so desperately wanted.
And for this nearly virginal wife, and unbidden primitive instincts took control, her face felt warm, she felt herself tensing... and with a strange anticipation, she felt her vagina begin to exude a warm wetness. She quietly and nervously replied "Umm humm".

With her creamy little cunt awash with fluids and her excitement at its peak, she struggled once more to dismiss the surge of desire that ran in shivering waves up her spine when her thoughts lingered on the deliciously naughty thought of taking another man while her husband watched.

Tears welled up in her pretty blue eyes and though she softly whispered, her words seemed to echo in the quiet of the room. "I'm not sure I can... can go ahead with it," she softly said in a hesitant tone. She held her breath, waiting for her husband's reply. He looked down at her pretty face flushed in anguish. His eyes took in her lush beauty as she sat trembling in her thin nightie... his eyes dropped to the perky lift of pinkish nipples. It took all his will to whisper, "Darling... we've come a long way... to... to stop now."

His voice quavered, "and I do love you so very much." He took her hands and helped her to stand. His strong arms slipped around her back and she knew how this was costing him. "And," he added, "after it's done... I'll still love you deeply." Like twisted steel cables, she knew their marriage; their deep love, was very strong.

As they kissed tenderly, she fought down the silly hysteria and fear of an act of intercourse with another man. And she now realized, deep in her heart, that after it was over, after this black man had possessed her... had thumped her up and down on the creaking bed and deposited his sperm, there would be no jealousy, only a deepening of her husband's love. She needed now to dwell only on the desperation to willingly accept her first black cock. Their lips slowly parted, she looked into his eyes, "uh-huh, let's then, let's go ahead with it," she murmured.

His wife stood and moved to the side of the bed and dimmed the bed lamp, a common act, but one so meaningful at this moment..and he knew with complete certainty.... she was really going to do it, it was really going to happen.

She looked nervously around, "close the drapes," she whispered. As he turned and drew the window drapes, she mentally closed out the world... reducing their entire universe to the four walls of the room, her husband, herself and yes, the wide bed, which seemed to beckon her.

As she turned to open the bedclothes her breasts swayed nakedly under the thin nightie. Standing before the soft lighting, she bent forward and grasped the bedclothes with nervous fingers. Her husband saw the backlighted silhouette of her lovely firm breasts sloping downward as she opened the bedding and the perfect roundness of her buttocks sheathed only in the gauzy material of the panties.

She flipped the blankets down and then stood upright by their bed. As the nightie fabric brushed across her pointy breasts, she shivered in a strange burst of mixed sensations. Her emotional turmoil seemed to have caused a heightened sensitivity in her tender pink nipples. She felt like the nerve endings in her nipples were directly wired to her moistening genitals....

She felt the strange sensation of heat while still shivering. She turned away from the bed and slipped back into the comfort of her husband's arms. He felt her breasts pressing into his chest, and looked over the top of her blonde head, the open bed where it was going to happen stood as a mute reminder of the building foreboding... the tightening sensation creeping ever deeper into his gut.
The mood of the tender moment and joy of holding his wife was interrupted by a soft tap on the door. "Come in," he managed to say and their new black acquaintance walked slowly in.

Closing the door and turning to face the couple, the man they had selected for this deed of love, saw her standing there, a long legged darling, backlit by the bed lamp, wearing her soft transparent red nightie. Through the thin cloth he could see the outline of baby-doll panties, pinkish nipples and a shadowy hint of pubic hair and the slight outline of pubic oval.

Slowly he drank in the sight of this mans wife; barefooted, long legs, toned calves and shapely tan ankles. Her waist small, her stomach firm, her face soft and angelic, pearly teeth sparkled between her pouty cupid lips. There was a special innocence about her that glowed, like late summer sunlight filtering through leafy tree branches.

Moving slowly towards her, he looks into the mirror behind her and takes in her beauty from that angle with a long lingering glance, the long blonde hair lying softly on her shoulders, the graceful curve of her back, the full soft roundness of her buttocks. Finally he looks once again at her blushing face, and then to the open bed waiting for them.

As her husband moves away, her black man eased closer to her; the back of his hand brushed her pink cheek. It was smooth, slightly warm and he emitted an eager sigh as if to say what a completely delightful fuck she was going to be.

Fascinated by her loveliness, he studied her pretty face in the soft glow of the bedroom lamp. He nodded knowingly... yes, she came from attractive parentage; and together they could breed a lovely baby.

His ample cock was already thickening and glancing down at her heaving breasts, he secretly hoped that she would not be repulsed by the act they were about to begin; that he would have numerous contacts with her over several months... that he would get to fuck her again and again. He noticed the high smooth cheekbones, now blushing in shame, the high forehead, the splendid shaping across the nasal bridge to her deep blue eyes.

Again his eyes flicked towards the opened bed, the v shape of the neatly folded covers and then back to her blushing beauty. "Oh God, you're so lovely," he whispered, "but you're trembling, just sit down and lie back."

Her black stallion cupped his hands on the lovely wife's waspish waist and slowly slid them down onto her hipbones. The warmth of her excited body caressed his palms as he turned her away from her nervous husband. A backward step... another... and another, until the backs of her knees touched the mattress.

He could see the outline of her shapely up-tilting breasts; feel the waistband of her underpants through the thin silky nightie. She drew a deep shuttering breath, tottering slightly as if losing her balance and for a moment he thought she might faint. With an arm now around her back, he pulled the pretty wife against his chest. A sweet scent drifted from her strawberry-blonde hair, fresh shampoo... the faint musk of a lovely specimen of the white human female. An urge to scoop her up and drop her neatly rounded buttocks in the middle of the bed surged through him. But resisting the impulse, again he whispered, "sit... sit down... it will be okay..."

Composing herself, sucking in a quick determined breath, she lowered her lovely round buttocks onto the edge of the mattress; her knees shaking, her movements halting. Her lovely face blushed in shame as she sensed a gushing wetness between her clasped thighs.

Up until, and through their engagement, she had retained her virginity. Now she was about to have sexual intercourse with this man, she glanced nervously around the room. It was so much like the room where she first made love with her husband, where they lay intertwined time and again. All the ordinary objects... the waiting bed; the familiar bits and pieces of her marriage now seemed to be part of some other world. It was an unfamiliar world where the next intertwining of genitals; the next exchange of life-giving fluids would be with a man other than her husband.

The fresh white sheet felt cool under her thinly covered buttocks, with her lashes lowered, her fingers clutched the hem of her nightie and she smoothed it down trying fruitlessly to pull it over her exposed knees. The silence brimmed around them, "is this your first time?" he asked softly. He looked into her robin's egg blue eyes. She quickly turned her gaze away in some reflex action. Quick tears flooded her eyes, "yes... I've never..." It sent a jolt straight to his groin. She reddened slightly and rushed on, "...except with my husband of course..."

"I understand," he whispered as he turned the lovely wife onto her back in the middle of the bed, "don't worry I will be gentle and we'll take our time". Her husband sat mute at the end of the bed watching as this black man eased his lovely blonde wife's head onto one of the pillows. Watching his long-legged mate squirming in embarrassment, as she tugged down again at the hemline of her nightie catching a quick flash of sleek inner thigh and the glimpse of the treasure that awaited this black man beneath the sheer material that covered her crotch.

She lay on her back and slowly, at his whispered urging, turned up her blushing face. Her hot cheek touched his... breaths mingled. Moments later their lips touched, moist with saliva, her warm lips parted under his. "Mmm... ummm," her soft murmurs reached her husband's ears. When their lips came apart, they both opened their eyes slightly and looked at each other, perhaps seeing their own reflections in each other's eyes.

As the scene unfolded, minute-by-minute, right before his eyes, her husband watched them kiss again, and then again, warm lips now moistly sealing. He saw the black man cupping his wife's heaving tender breasts in one of his large hands, his tongue touching hers as they kissed. He had seen his wife kissed before, a little peck on the lips at friendly gatherings, but never like this! And never in a horizontal position... her nearly naked, her arms creeping around this man's neck. As he watched, the back of his ears grew warm.

This was obviously not going to be a quick copulation... just a few thrusts... quickly done as she had imagined. An urge, an impulse to stop it raced through her husband's mind, but the die was cast. There seemed no face-saving u-turn on the twisty path ahead. She was here because of his own insistence, as well as her own reluctantly admitted desires. With a deep swallow, he sat near his wife's side and watched it continue.

As the poignant moments passed, her hips began to subtly lift, rocking slightly in that unmistakable undulation, that certain precursor of intercourse and her nightie seemed to be slipping unnoticed, higher and higher up her squirming thighs. The bed lamp was dimmed to its lowest setting and the area between his wife's thighs was in shadow, but from his position near the foot of the bed, as she writhed and twisted, her husband could now see up under the hemline of her nightie.

When one knee momentarily lifted, he could make out her delicate pussy though the now damp clinging material of the panties. He felt the heat creep higher up the back of his neck as he noted the wispy strands of curling hair and saw the thin cloth clinging to the oval shape of her genitals. In a torment of mixed emotions, his eyes followed the line of the red panty crotch as it narrowed and disappeared between the cheeks of her wiggling buttocks.

He watched as this other man's black hand now roamed lightly over his wife's perky nipples... a tender pinch on one nipple then finger-tips grazing teasingly across its twin... she squirmed, tented knees opened and closed.

The gradual loss of control, the involuntary puckering of her sensitive nipples brought a distressful blush to her face. His hand began to drift lower, across her dainty navel, tracing a circular pattern around her round smooth belly... fingertips stealing increasingly lower, feeling the first fringe of curling pubic hair through the thin nightie. Four fingers skillfully cupped over the mound of her pubic bone and pressed on the top of her tingling cunt. With her heels digging into the bedding, her pink-painted toes spasmodically clenched in a nervous reaction. Her level of arousal was rising slowly but very surely, her breath coming harder in little moaning pants and her arms moving up around his neck.

A sound, half sob, half gasp burst through her lips. Smooth knowing fingers grazed skillfully along her inner thigh. Trying to resist was exquisite torture and he was moving so slowly, one tantalizing step after another. They were beginning to make slow tender love...so different than her planning. She thought, by now it would have been over, with just a smooth insertion of his penis, then a gentle recreational fuck... over in a few minutes with an unseen splash of his sperm.

A luscious tingle of forbidden pleasure shuttled through her belly... yet it was interwoven with shameful thoughts of her husband watching. The handsome Negro man's fingers slipped under the elastic of her panties and roamed over the flat of her smooth stomach toward the glossy hairs covering her pubic bone.

"Ohhh... oh...ohh," she whimpered. Her eyes met those of her husband as he sat at the foot of their bed... her face flushed at the thought of another man reaching under her panties, his fingertips brushing through her soft curly pubic hairs while her husband watched. The tip of his fingers found the top of her warm viscous notch, "oh... ohhh," she gasped again. Her eyes glistened with tears; she clasped her thighs in shame, but still felt moisture oozing slowly down between the cheeks of her buttocks. She hid her face against the black man's neck, "this is a big step for me," she whispered.

But undeterred, his finger parted the soft hairs and then the sensitive pink folds... she felt her bones melt, her heels pressed down against the mattress... knees now falling weakly apart. It was never this exciting with her husband; she clung to the edge of some towering cliff by her fingertips. It was to have been so clinical; just a well-planned simple quick fuck... not like this.

Many times she had mentally rehearsed these moments... how she would stay composed, lift her nightie, open her knees and turn her face away as he proceeded to insert his penis, how she would bend her knees, but hold herself in check as he performed the necessary thrusting. And after he released his sperm, she was determined to hold back her tears while slipping back into her husband's arms.

Embarrassment now welled up inside her. She was slipping... losing her calm control. All attempts to resist seemed to only intensify the tingling pressure. She felt herself in the arms of another man and against her will tumbling into the unknown. Committed to this with another man, her mind swirled, searching to justify the tingling excitement that flushed her pretty cheeks. "Oh my God," the words sobbed out. "I want your cock inside me..." her words trailed away, but her lips still silently moved as her lavender blue eyes closed.

She closed her eyes even tighter and stifled another breathy moan, as first one then two of his fingers slip into the wetness between her legs as guilt flooded her. And this was only the beginning she told herself, only the first of series of steps she would endure and already she was excited beyond anything that she could have imagined. Her hips seemed to have a mind of their own and she found herself pushing up against his hand as he slowly finger-fucked her into complete submission.

"God Damn" he thought as he felt her the flesh of vaginal canal pressing against his fingers - "She's so fucking tight". He knew it would take every ounce of his self-control to keep from cumming to quickly. He didn't want to waste this opportunity and determined himself to fully enjoy her as much and for as long as he possibly could.

Slowly he pulled his fingers out of her clasping cunt, and kissing her softly once again, he lifted himself from her side to stand at the edge of the bed.

She felt the bed rise beneath her as he stood and with eyes still closed, she heard the click of his belt buckle, the faint swish of fabric as he fumbled to open it with one hand. As she heard hi, start to unzip his pants her eyes opened and he watched with pleasure the blush that covered the white wife's cheeks as he exposed his penis.

She had seen it before in the photographs he had sent to them yet she stared wide-eyed and with tears of embarrassment close to the surface, and she gasped at the sight of his long, thick, semi-limber black cock gracefully curving over his large ball-sack. It seemed impossibly big - far to large for her to accept. Oh God - it will never fit.

The look of shocked disbelief at his size in her eyes as he exposed himself combined with the thrill of knowing he was about to fuck this delicate white beauty for her first time outside of her marriage caused his cock to jerk and begin to stiffen and lift upward away from his groin. From the edge the bed he could see her bikini tan lines against the narrow wisp of material disappearing between her smooth thighs, the puffy delineated mound of her sex was clearly defined. Several blonde silken strands of her pubic hair curled from the edges of the narrow panty crotch... his cock continued to stiffen as he looked at her lying there.

He moved towards the bed and slowly massaged his penis. His hand moving slowly, causing the foreskin to slide back over the end of his uncircumcised cock, revealing just the very tip of it's large head. Watching her unblinking eyes he lowered himself next to her once again, she watched, nearly hypnotized as his hardening manhood bounced up and down and swayed side to side with each movement he made.

Leaning upon one elbow above her he felt her warmth against his penis as it came to rest against her thigh. His fingers across her panty crotch gently and her warm excited breath touch his cheek as whispered in her ear "slip off your panties".

She felt his warm penis-head brush nakedly against the top of her thigh. Her mind swirled... finally it was time now and she knew to properly complete the act; she must remove the barrier of her panty crotch and lift her nightie. But a shiver twisted through her belly.

Doubt muddled her mind. She rubbed her forehead, feeling tiny hairs prickle as her heart fluttered with a strange sensation. She glanced over at her watching husband, and then her penetrating blue eyes looked up at the black man who would soon be inside her... With a forced determination, she reached under her nightie. About to bare her loins, her hands shook with a mix of dread and sheer anticipatory excitement. Timidly she lifted her hips and pulled down her panties. With trembling fingers, she slipped the embarrassingly damp underpants off and bending her knees set her feet flat on the bed.

Looking down, the sight of his penis caused a spike in her heartbeat. So much longer and thicker than her husband's, it seemed hard as oak wood, swollen and erect, the foreskin stretched so tight as he pulled it back to reveal the large mushroom shaped head. It seemed to gleam with a smooth damp purplish color.

She felt her heart racing faster as he takes her hand and placed it on his swelling penis, and closes her fingers around it whispered to her "This is all for you baby" "All for you" he repeats as he moves her gently clutching hand slowly up and down the full length of his hardening, throbbing cock. Once more his fingers find her lovely little vagina and he explores and probes into her in rhythm to her stroking hand.

She catches herself staring at it ... so classically beautiful, up-tilting like part of an erotic marble statue. She turned her eyes back to her husband in an attempt to tamp down her rising emotions and saw him staring, transfixed at the sight of her hand - the hand with her wedding band, closed partially around and stroking this other man's massive erection.

She tried to rationalize the embarrassing wash of vaginal fluids as a normal hormonal shift, a readiness for sex, but still guilt nagged her mind. She felt the bed shift, felt his hand on her knees silently urging her to open her legs for him.

She turned her blushing face into the pillow and obligingly let her knees slowly fall apart. As she splayed her thighs, cooler air flowed across her pubic hairs, and more horrifying, she felt her labial folds slightly part.

Now revealed to him for the first time, her black partner took a quick breath as her crotch came into view. Oh FUCK - she's so perfect. Her pussy so very small, so perfectly shaped. The outer labia lips swollen with her lust, and a dark pink from the blood that engorged them. The inner labial folds had pushed out from within her and the entrance to her moist vagina was partially visible to his hungry eyes. And there, just above the folds of her inner lips was clear evidence of her state of readiness - her clitoris was free of it's protective hood and erect and so white against the pinkish flesh that surrounding it.

Pretending not to hear his appreciative intake of breath, she lay awaiting the first feel of his penis against her private parts.

As he positioned himself between her knees, she willed herself to stay calm, to give herself... to loosen her tense thigh muscles and not struggle to break free of his weight. His hands slid behind her knees and he lifted her legs up, then back and apart causing her vagina to open before him. She looked down and saw his now fully erect penis hovering only inches from her now exposed crotch. YES - she said to herself as she closed her eyes - FINALLY it begins and will soon be over.

She could feel him move as he positioned himself between her legs, he felt her tensing as his cheeks grazed her naked inner thighs. Electric pulses swirled her senses as she felt his warm breath upon her thighs - her pussy. The touch of his warm, moist tongue upon her flowering sex caused her to cry out weakly - her hips to thrust up to him as his lips found the exposed flesh of her sex. Yes, he said to himself - she is going to be a very delightful fuck. So hungry, yet so desperately trying to not be. Her hands now on his head as his tongue and lips caused her to writhe in response to his stimulation and determination to make her cum. She could feel the tension in her stomach and loins building and she tried desperately and was failing to control herself. Feeling her building to an orgasm, he stops, pulls away from her thrusting hips, her oh so tasty pussy. No baby - Not Yet, the man between her legs thinks to himself. Not Yet.

Her eyes open to look at the man who brought her so close, and denied her the release she so desperately desired. Then to her husband as she feels the man who had overloaded her senses moving again as he positions himself between her shivering white thighs. She watches as he pulls the stretched foreskin of his penis back, sees a pearl like drop of his pre-cum form, watch as he spreads the pale white liquid making the purplish cock head glisten. "Are you ready for me baby?" You ready for this big black man dick? Ummmm - is all she can reply.

The sight and feel of the first feathery touch of his penis rocks her world once more, but she wills herself to hold her knees apart. Then she feels his throbbing thickness rubbing against her pubic hair, splaying her folds... grazing the sensory nub of clitoral nerves. The smooth cock-head slide downward along the slippery crease teasingly brushed over her sensitive anus until an upward nudge settles the thick knob unerringly against the elastic pink opening into her loins.

He nudges again, pressing against the spreading pink skin. She feels the yielding... her moist vaginal skin being stretched sensuously over the head of his thick black penis. An almost debilitating rush of emotion swirls through her mind. A sobbing gasp bursts through her lips as the probing head of his cock breaches the barrier of her marital innocence. OWWWWWWW - she cries out. "Please stop - It's too big".

Just barely in control, he stops, relishing in her reaction to him and the wet tightness of her small white pussy squeezing the end of his penis. "Don't worry babe, I'll go slow and before you know we'll have it buried to the balls inside you". She pulls her heels back and presses them against the mattress... her pubis lifting as she becomes adjusted to the thickness that has invaded her, the pleasure of having his thick cock inside her quickly replacing the pain "Just take it slowly, you're so big" she manages to whisper over the sobs in her throat.

God she is so small, so tight, and so deliciously wet and hot. He is using every ounce of willpower not to thrust greedily into her luscious depths as he feels the slippery cunt of the married white woman so tightly closed around him. He waits patiently until instinctively she arches up slightly to meet him, now bending her knees to welcome the pulsing cock-head. She arches her back, aiding the tubular length of penile muscle as the strange black cock pushes slowly into her viscously clinging genitals, where it would in due time, deliver his spurts of baby making fluids.

Slowly he pushes further into her. Each thrust, a little deeper, into her wet hot channel is rewarded with a guttural sound of womanly satisfaction and pleasure. When his cock is half way into her he knows by the feel of her that he is about to test depths her husband has never reached. He stops, holding himself where he is and whispers just loud enough for her husband to hear - "Tell me how deep to go - I don't want to hurt you". Breathless she replied "More - - I can take more".

Further and further her husband watches as slowly the thick hard back rod penetrates deeper and deeper into his wife, seeking her deepest depths and the fleshy wall that separates her vagina from her uterus. He watches amazed with how easily the vagina that felt so tight to him, accepts the thick monster being pushed into her, each inch challenging her to take this man so much fully than he could ever give her.

AAHHHH - there the man inside her breathes in pleasure, as he feels the barrier of her cervix pressing against the end of this penis. As though to confirm what he knows, the squirming white wife beneath him cries out - in pleasure as well as pain. He stops his fucking and holds himself still allowing her to experience the feeling of having her little pink married pussy completely filled.

Looking down between their bodies he sees with some satisfaction there is still a little more to give her but that can wait until he is ready to completely possess her. For now he contents himself to pressing hard against her cervix allowing his hips to rotate slowly causing the end of his hard penis to grind against the opening to her uterus, hearing her cries of delight and delicious agony as his cock head rubs and pushes gently against the barrier.

A slight nudge at just the right moment and he feels her cervix begin to give way to him. YES - Perfect - he thinks to himself. When the time comes he will breach that sensitive sphincter muscle and push his cock fully into her just before he sends his cum cascading deep into her waiting womb.

Her blonde hair is spread across the pillow in a shiny cascade, her head thrashing from side to side. As he began to move his penis in and out of her, she follows his thrusts helplessly, her hips churning in quick up-hunching movements. Her feet flex and relax and flex again, pretty pink-painted toes curled and pointed toward the ceiling. With glazed eyes, she looks up at the man who is fucking into her deeper and more fully than she thought possible. She feels the emotional, the primitive need to give herself completely to him. Abandoning her natural modesty, she places her heels on the middle of his hunching back and squeals in surprise as his long thick cock presses fully into her gleaming moist heat. YES - YES -- YES --- FUCK ME - FUCK ME - FUCK MY PUSSY - OH GOD PLEASE - - PLEASE CUM - - CUM IN MEeeeeeeeeee - she cries as he withdraws then pushes so deeply into her over and over again.

Her husband has seen it all; the hem of his wife's nightie up between their naked bellies... their hips beginning to move in counter point. He hears the bed starting to creak, feels the tension building. As he watches them fucking, the sight of her knees up and apart; her pretty face flushed... her blonde head bouncing on the pillow. The excitement of his wife's whimpering squeals swirl through his brain as the black penis pushes fully into her, hears the sound of the man's cum heavy testicles slapping against his wife's buttocks. Straining, he wills his mind to scamper onto a higher plane of reason where the excitement of sharing in his wife's sexual pleasure overtakes his angst, and is absorbed into his psyche, the sharing of her joy becomes all that matters.

Now her fear has turned to an embarrassing pleasure, the molten flood of it washes through her, over her, stealing her breath, her mind, her vision. He is moving smoothly, pushing deep inside her, and then sliding out again in a slow, lazy rhythm as if it might go on for hours.

Her thoughts of a quick unemotional act of intercourse are in tatters. He kisses her eyelids, thrusting deep, and she responds with despairing little sounds in the back of her throat each time his penis strikes her cervix.

For long glorious minutes she is blind to, and deaf to, everything but the velvety strokes of his long thick stiff black cock moving inside her. She feels her inner tissues clinging to it, her mucus flesh griping wetly... clutching at every withdrawal... her breath bursting out at every deep reinsertion.

What had been imagined as a quick act of intercourse has become something more, something very different. It is ongoing, an outrageously intense fuck and it consumes her, biting deep, wringing hoarse cries from her, cries she never even hears. Panting cries and sounds of the squeaking mattress reverberated tellingly around the bedroom. Glassy-eyed, she tries to focus on her husband as her loins coiled tighter, and then tighter still, pulsing and poising for a leap into the burning unknown.

The sight of his wife wiggling about in the middle of a long sensuous fuck is almost more than her husband can bear as the thick head of this mans long cock explores areas deep inside of his wife's belly; She continues to murmur a litany of soft gasps turn to cries, begging, pleading for more; harder; faster; deeper.

Little trembles convulse her loins. She wiggles her hips, robotically striving to alleviate the sweet inexorable tension building in her tingling vagina. His cock thrusts are quicker now, instinctively answering her mute pleas. She twists and pants; sensitive clitoral nerves bunch her stomach muscles. The tension is swirling in her loins, peaking, moving inexorably to its goal.

She trembles, poised on the brink. Then suddenly falling over its edge, warmth floods through her. She moves her hips violently, her legs locking around the back of the man savagely fucking into her, biting her lower lip to stifle her moans. She throws her head back and covers her lips with the back of her hand to suppress further gasps... it is hopeless. Her husband hears the long thin wail that burst from her lips. Softly at first, beginning with a breathy, "ohh, ohhh" and then the deeper groaning, "aarrhh... aaarrruuuhhh... arrruuuggghh." Spastic muscular spasms radiate outward from her pubic bone and ripple along his pretty wife's belly as an orgasm on another man's cock churns violently through her loins.

Feeling the searing, silky, pulses in her pussy, he purposefully hunches his back, leveraging himself on his hands and toes, pressing his penis even deeper into her, giving her all of his length for the first time, silently announcing to her he is ready to pour his hot seed into her twisting loins. With her toes curled, her trembling legs extended, her hands trying to pull him into her further she gives the man inside her even deeper access into her spasming warmth.

Feeling himself ready to cum, he looks deep in her eyes as he rapidly strokes fully into her "OH SHIT here it comes. I can feel your pussy opening up to me. Feel it, feel the head of my cock fucking deep in you". "Gonna Cum - Gonna CUM - YEAH TAKE IT _ TAKE IT ALLLLLL. She grabs his head and stares deeply into his eyes then closes her eyes and yells "Yes, in me, In me. Yes, cum in me" as her senses explode in a massive orgasm and his legs tense up and his whole body arches as he drives the end of his cock one final time fully into her.

She tilts her stomach even further up giving him the best angle for the insemination that is about to happen. A primitive cry escapes from him as his balls contract. Her own cries mix with his as again and again she feels his hot sperm splash in hard spastic spurts into her opened womb. Her flat taught stomach expands and rises with each inseminating shot of his hot seed into her. She opens her eyes and continues to shake as the most intense orgasm she has ever experienced continues to ravage her shivering body.

Slowly she returns back to reality, floating down from the blind pinnacle of her orgasm. Gradually the spastic quivering subsides and a balmy numbness takes its place... the warmth taking her like a soft velvety glove. She feels her husband clasp her hand. He leans close, "I love you," he whispers.

It is over, irrevocably over; and her husband's soothing words gradually calmed and reassures her. Her heart settles into a quieter pace as the tension of all that has happened leaves her. Still sexually joined with the man whose sperm she feels flowing out of her onto the sheet beneath, she begins to sob.

Now spent and satisfied that he has given this beautiful white woman a fuck to remember as well as his black baby-making seed, he loosens his arms and starts withdrawing his still thick but softening penis from her still gripping glistening vaginal skin.

Though her vagina has been significantly stretched by the intrusion of his long thick cock, she feels her tissues clinging wetly and then contracting as the long shiny wet length of his penis pulls out. As his cock head reappears, a heavy cum string still connects them and she thinks to herself - Oh God, I love your beautiful black cock.

She has collapsed on the tangled sheet, shivering in reaction as an embarrassing flow of their sexual fluids continues to trickle down between her ass-cheeks. She lay there astonished and aghast that she had orgasmed with another man in the presence of her husband.
Her inner thoughts struggled with it, how could she have let another man know her so completely. She remembered the deep inner stretching, her clitoris brushing the back of his penis and her uncontrollable physiological reaction to his deep insistent thumping strokes.

She draws a deep breath, her voice quivered slightly and then broke, "I'm... I'm so embarrassed that I orgasmed with him," she whispered. Struggling to control her breathing, she rolls into her husband's waiting arms. She avoids his eyes, her mind forming a guilty fulfillment.

Her husband's face flush, his eyes glittering as he feels the increase in her body temperature from the intense fucking. Her fine light-blonde hair now tangled in golden telltale disarray. She looks up at her husband; eyes swimming with tears, chin quivering. Her leather hair clasp, along with her panties are lost somewhere in the rumpled bed. Her eyes are glazed and misty, but to her husband, she never looked lovelier.

"How are you feeling? Are you all right," he murmured trying to suppress his anxiety at all he has witnessed.

"Tired," she murmured, her eyelids looked heavy.

"Would you like to sleep a while?" he whispered, but against her belly, she can feel the insistent throbbing of his penis. Her voice was still husky from the recent gasping and groaning, "That excited you darling... watching us?" They kissed, mouths fused, "umm," he groaned.

Their kiss ends very slowly and with a mutually tender wistful sigh. She feels her breathing just returning to some sort of normalcy. But her husband's need to have her now is real and deep; it fairly vibrates from him. It was an expression of their deep love and it touches a chord within her. "I love you darling," she murmured, using that overused phrase, but meaning it from the depth of her heart.

She feels him reaching between them, opening his belt buckle, "darling... I'm... well I'm kind of sticky down there." He pushes down his pants. His naked penis brushes hotly against her leg, "darling... wait... let me wash first..."

"Honey, I need you... want you now... the way you are..." he gasps. She hears the perverse excitement in his voice. His normally shy wife had just receives her first intense skin-to shin black fucking in the arms of the man lying beside her and he was evoking the sensory experience, remembering the slight creaking of the bed, his wife's panting gasps. His mind worked through a photographic sequence of the last hour... the image of her squirming hips; the white bottoms of her feet coming into view as she pinned her knees back. Her pretty toes pointed at the ceiling... feet bouncing and bouncing as another man fucked her. The final image of the long black gleaming cock pulling free of his wife's clutching pinkish cunt seam. How her breathless "I love your beautiful black cock" made him lightheaded.

He fumbles with the blankets, pulling down the sheet and she is flushing and tongue-tied as he glances at her nightie still shucked up over her hips. An inner dread passes through her mind as her husband moved her knees apart. Feeling the stick dampness under her bare behind, she knows the bottom bed sheet is soiled.

Seeing her color deepening and understanding her shame he pretends not to notice his wife's matted pubic hair and the large circular stain of love fluids under her buttocks, but images of moments before are still burning behind his eyes. Spontaneously, he retrieves the memory of her in orgasm... knees high... the long thick black cock slamming into her, her tiny pinkish anus puckering with each clutch of her stomach muscles.

"Oh my darling... oh," she murmurs as the head of his penis finds the loose slippery opening where another man had just left his sperm.

"Sweetheart, did... did it feel good," he whispered, and as he urgently pushes his swelling cock into the sticky heat, she wonders if she imagined the slight huskiness of excitement in his voice.

She wipes a last tear away from the corner of her eye. "Oh God help me... darling... but it was, oh just so wonderful..." she whispered. She hears her husband draw a quick breath.

She spread her legs for her man - the man she loves more than anything in the world. Her knees bend, letting her husband deeper into her slightly tender cunt. She feels looser, slimy warm on the length of his prick. Images of their orgasms, the black man's back hunching in spastic quivers flash through his mind. His hips settled against his wife's bare up-turned ass-cheeks. He begins to stroke into her. Her softened cunt making squishy wet noises. "Can you... will you... tell me more?" he groans.

"Uh-huh, if... if you want me too..." A final barrier has just been crossed. She presses her lips against her husband's neck, kissing him. As she feels him nearing his climax she murmurs softly as she takes the black cock in her hand once again, feeling it begin to stiffen under her gently massaging. Licking her pouting lips in anticipation of tasting him she whispers "Would it be okay if Maybe, well, maybe he could fuck me again in a little while and maybe tomorrow too?".

And as both her husband and the black man hoped, the intercourse happened several more times before their time together ended. There were occasional tears from her, but eventually it happened more easily, more eagerly, his long hip rolling thrusts with her knees drawn back... her shivery breath panting in little fuck-whimpers against his neck turning into cries of orgasmic delight.

She and her husband still whisper those personal little memories of their black experience in the dark privacy of their bed while she strokes his penis and he touches her dampening vagina. Their love for each other has never been deeper and their sex never as meaningful.
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The End
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