im chris half of a couple Liz hopefully will be joining us in about three weeks.After liveing the last three years as an openly gay male with strong prefferances that draw me to this site.Ive found ii have enjoyed myself so much that i have felt confident enough to want Liz to enjoy my passions with me we have dabbled in the past and the vibes are hopefull but being left to sweat a while give me a chance to appreciate how much it would mean to me if she was prepared to start meeting other men for sex .Personally i have a soft spot for being totally sub to any bull that has a cock bigger than mine infact im a bit of a sise queen as for Liz im looking forward to finding out how it pans out.So any experianced bulls that think they could help make her choice easy i would be interested in hearing from you .Particulally if you like woman with big tits few extra ponds and 47 years of age