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This is the chance you take, but it has to be her decision no matter what.

If she has a great experience, she will most likely want to repeat it, otherwise it will be a one time deal.
Keep in mind that it could have gone that way even if she was really into the idea of doing this and it went bad.

What you need to do is stop putting pressure on her and just do whatever you can to help her relax and enjoy it.


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Me and my wife after 10 years finally she desaid to take her first big black cock next samer in Jamaica . What i don't like is the fact , she say I will do it only one time only for you . I will not do it back at home. Anybody have same ecsperenc with his wife? Pz let me know . I want this to be life ecsperenc not one time deal
Count yourself lucky she has agreed to do it at all. My wife will not do it or at least she hasnt so far.