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    Hello my wife and I are interested in BBC, however she is scared and shy, she is very sexy and skinny and has a tight ass. We currently have the Shane diesel Black dildo but it barely fits in her and its hurts her because its 2" thick. Any advice as to where we can get a 1.75" black dildo with a suction cup for cheap?

    Also feel free to message us or chat, my wife got on here to chat last night and got very horny talking to a much older black man, she even rode the dildo while she talked to him :) very sexy

    We are going to get a camera soon and post pics, she is a bbc virgin for now. We are going to go to a few clubs so she can rub on some blk guys and get used to them. We have also decided that when she does take bbc we will roll a dice what ever side it lands on she has to do the dirty.

    fore example if she rolls the dice and it lands on:
    1. She takes one of the largest BBC possible
    2. I will giver her a creampie eating
    3. She takes two BBC her first time
    4. She becomes the BBC's sex slave and wears a leash and collar
    5. She tries DP
    6. she takes BBC anally

    she has already said she is willing to leave her tight sexy young white body's fate to the dice.
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    Damn that sounds so hot where are you located I would love to be one of the black cocks she meets in the club or help DP her and help her become a black cock slave
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    Sounds hot, I would totally be down to give her this BBC!!
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    I like the creativity