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hi to all introduction

cucked hubby who was enjoying the lifestyle being very submissive with a dominant wife who femmed me and made me her sissy who she luved to parade me in front of her friends and bull. had me on paxil and hormones and then she fell in luv with a rich muscular bbc with huge cockand became submissive herself to himand she fell in luv with him and left meand moved in with him.didnt think she would be willing to leave her children also for a bbc. it surprised me the power of a bbc on her that she would leave everything. now a sissy whose childrenwho are in shock ,finding out about this type of lifestyle because wife ran off with rich muscular bigcock bbc, could never see her as a submissive as she was always on the bitcy side bbc sure tamed her like a wild horse being broken in and i have been set free in the wild to fend for my self


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You're better with her out of your life, actually. If you believe in the "bad penny" scenario, however ... it's about a 95% chance she'll be back when her BBC tires of her ass and tosses her out. What you should do is get yourself organized and collected, and decide how you're going to handle her when she comes back. Otherwise, she'll just walk all over you (at the expense of your children) whenever its convenient to her. Personally, I put honesty and loyalty at the top of my expectations list; no exceptions and no second chances. ;)

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