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hi there

I'm a Horny Bull bisexual. (People tell me I m beautiful)
Tecnically I love Girls, shemales and rarely men.
I like have sex with a girl lot of times because i ve got quite lot of knowledge and experience about sex.
I love ladies who want be fucked hard and after fuck me with strap on.
I call it " exchange ".
I like shemales, trannies, ladyboys....I have got big experience :)
passive and active <3
Couples or group of girls are welcome! I like when we are lot in the field!
I like a man only for 2 reasons:
1) very very beautiful
2) big .... :p

Feel free to contact me

IMG-20160402-WA0002.jpg tmpPhoto1457288532327.jpg tmpPhoto1457289815951.jpg tmpPhoto1457290944898.jpg tmpPhoto1457664645810.jpg