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Hi new here to all this


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... were knew here to all this. Were still deciding on the dynamic of all this.
My wife and I got started while we were in school, actually. Initially it was a couple swap with some friends we hung out with, then a few 3-somes ( F & M's). So we never had to go through the "breaking into the lifestyle" as most couples have done. I may be wrong, but I think the 2 of you will find swinging a bit more fun than just "cuckolding". Just keep your personal relationship tight, and don't allow those you invite in to "divide & conquer" your relationship. You can have some safe fun and keep the sex exciting that way. Good luck! Mac


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OTE="Vanessa Campos, post: 493107, member: 48531"]welcome! Enjoy It![/QUOTE]
Welcome to this BBC site sweetheart! How are you? Check out my profile please