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Hi I'm Taylor! (I'm a white boy)

Hi everyone, so like the title says my name's Taylor and I'm a white boy. I'm 22 y/o and I'm currently going to college in North Carolina. I'm pretty smart and I'm actually sort of attractive. I have a really cute girlfriend but we've only been dating for about 2 months now.

I'm mostly straight but I am a little bit bi. Like I love girls. I love being with them, having sex with them, and I'm definitely going to marry a girl. But that said, I also think that BBC is insanely awesome lol

I really don't understand why more white girls don't have black boyfriends and it almost upsets me sometimes. I feel like so many of them are perfect for BBC too. Like they were made for black guys to fuck, and I feel almost guilty when that doesn't happen.

But anyway, I just wanted to introduce myself and to say that I'm a big fan of these forums. I also wanted to say to all the girls on this forum that I think you all are awesome! As a white guy I definitely support the ya'lls decision and I think you all should proud of yourself

Also idk if anyone's interested but I'd love to chat with someone about everything