Hi i'm steve I'm a cuckold wanting my gf Amanda 2goin black!


Real Person
Cuckold Steve is 100% a real person and is 100% offically with Amanda the girl in my previous posts on another account. Though I'm guiding her to her 1stonce BBC she probably has no real idea at this point... so I'm sorry for deceiving you all @blacktowhite ... I'm sorry and this is me Steve trying to do the right thing and be honest...

How is everybody doing tonight I want to start by apologizing to the whole community. I made a post on another account ( 1st one) but I kind of bullshit is it and made it look like she was the 1 mainly using the account... this is not 100 percent true and I'm sorry for leading. You all on... my bad...

Truthfully the only reason I am trying to post again on blacktowhite.net again taking how much some of you were HATEING on my honestly only mildly fabricated by a semi fuck up cuckolds mind once again I am sorry and I really am her to get this accomplished!

So let me try to start over again and tell the true okay? I hope y'all can please give me another chance here. Do it for the blacking of another fine ass white girlfriend ... like my Amanda !!!

After everybody started hating on me I decided she needs to get real. At that moment no man I have no clue I got any of my would be plans involving Her,BBC,cuckolding, blackstowhite.net... literally NO CLUE that her boyfriend (me) is totally addicted to the idea of guiding / manipulating normal innocent white chicks into diving into the world of interracial fucking and cuckold chastity!

I have been looking at interracial porn since I was only like 13 - 14 years old... it was kinda the down of the internet as we know it... I'm not really sure what it was about that type of porno. In fact to be honestly I think I was kinda a closet racist in my head. Lol

Over the last 2 years it's been a major turn around I am so your attitude about this lifestyle. Make a long story short I simply a embrace the part I play as a sissy chuckled! What exactly does that mean to you?

1.) Katie my last girlfriend of 5.5 years ended up cheating on me with you guessed it a black guy with some giant monster black cock she claimed. Officially to my knowledge Katie had 0% any idea about my IR/BBC addiction! I masturbated to the thought of that for monthsafter but in the end I lost ur to him!

2.) I can I was obviously still hurt by the whole thing and somehow thought that working out would help myself to compete with black guys like that! Well that was a disaster let me tell you I did manage to get buff and gain 15 pounds of muscle but let's just say the special supplements I was using heavy seriously negative affect on my penis... sadly to say I lost a good amount of dick length to steroids... :( when it was all said and done my dick was seriously not bigger than 3 inchs.... I was obviously useless sexually at that point!

3.) Another major thing I do different now isthat I actively seek out fellow cucks and communites so I can make my fantasy a reality.

4.) And then finally this march the final piece fell into place. That of course was the fact that I was officially dating Amanda publicly!

~ I'm gonna take a quick pic ~
~ break so I can get a few of ~
~My soon to be verified lil ~
~useless white pp for all you~
~ former haters to see that ~
~ I am not a liar and I am 100%~
~ dedicated to having my girl~
~friend I love Amanda to get~
~ her 1st BBC for her to get~
~ her super tight white vaJay~
~properly BLACK FUCKED!~

I'll be back in 15mins with verification pictures for myself only at this time... Mandy's time
Will come guys don't worry & sorry!
Lol funny reply bm. You are smaller than average Steve that is for sure. If Amanda has a bigger cock the reply is that she will not want your cock much. Let us know how it goes.


Real Person

Is it bad if you get a txt with that in it or nottin? In my life id say its her asking me if I really want this! I replied with hey did you read my note? Then she said no I went on your profile and I read all of your notes not 1. Cha ching