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Hi, I'm Laura

I'm submissive and love being with black men and women of any color. My first experience with black men was at my 20th birthday party with two guys I've been friends with since we were all 11. The three of us were the last to leave my apartment and we may have had a bit too much to drink. They dared me to dance and I did. I did not mean to be so naughty but I showed them my butt and was wearing a thong. Before I knew it, they were kissing and fondling me and it really turned me on. They were the first black men I had been with. It was the first time I had two BBCs in my mouth. Gerald was sitting on the couch and I was riding him while sucking Marcus and I was surprised when he pulled out of my mouth. He went behind me and I felt him pushing against my ass. I almost said no but he was gentle and pushed in. It was my first anal and first DP. It was also the night I learned I was submissive so they were the first men I rimmed. God I felt so slutty but so wonderful!