hi guys

Welcome , I think you already know what all these BBC think of your sweet , hot , wet , creamy , top notch , ass... ALL we want to know is When and Where ??????????????????


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hahahahaha that picture that u prtending to be you is a model lmfoaa ..and u re fake ..lol I feel sorry for these black guys to belive in fake people No offence lol :)
oh yes and im sure all of you are so real on here, i love that out of everyone who thinks my pic is fake only one of them has a face pic, yeah your so real


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We know you are fake cause this pic has been used before on this site and to top it all off guys really is a 17 year old really worth getting in trouble for, not for me.

You want us to believe you are real spend some time on the community become a well known member then we will know that you are real ;-)