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Hi from Sweden!

Hi there horny people:)
We are a sexy middle-aged couple who have just begun to look at this thing with cuckolding. She is a blonde, slim woman who loves sex more than anything. In fact,
so much that I'm not enough ;) She loves toys in bed, her favorite is to be taken by me when I wear one of my strapons.
She always yells out how stretched she feels when she takes the strapon, how great it feels! she likes to take my cock in her ass when she rides the strapon and it always results in giant orgasm.
To me it feels like she is missing something in bed, domination and more cock simply. I'm very submissive and she dominates me totally...
She is very flirtatious with other men but she has not said she wants someone in the bedroom, yet ;) I am on this page to get help to take this all the way.

Ask me happy to tell you more, pictures requests if you want? From a submissive man with a sexy nymphomaniac woman
i enjoy hardcore sex n all way into spanking..slapping..tieing the hands..walking u like a dog...stuff ur mouth wit panty n bra n my undergarment...spitting n pissing allover ur face n body ....kicking on ur ass n grabbing n pulling ur hair to let u know who ur master is..msg me as we can get in touch n know better ..,my ym is guyhardcore87@yahoo.com as i have cam n we can chat more k