HI from london. uk.

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    We finally have the house back to ourselves. the kids have finally flown the nest, we married young mid 40s now but still very much in love, id say very content mutual trust, respect etc. we have roleplayed about her and other guys for years we both find it hot.
    With our new freedom and a lot of talking, she has said she is ready to make this a reality, we both enjoy her teasing me during sex about my size down below and she will admit to finding my friend attractive enough to make her wet when i tell her he is hung and loves white girls. i trust him enough to approach him about him taking my place between my wifes legs, he is respectful and as we both agree a long term regular guy is how we see this working out. thats it for now i guess. c&l
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    Outstanding. it will be great 4 U both. Enjoy the ride.;)