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Hi for you

how would you treat my gf whenever I would offer her to you for a BBB?

  • If I am a BBB I will drill her all

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I started to feel a rush inside me whenever a black and muscled bull used to stand besides my white girl, later, the black gym instructor. back on those days, being dominant and confident and masculine got his eyes on her.
Not only he made me serve him while seduced her in front of my eyes on the gym after closing time, but later he converted her into a BBC slut.
With the pass of the time I developed this complete submissivenes for BBC.
So here I am ready to give the next step.
Would you be kind to tell me one of your experiences, I can not wait.
I actually had a fantasy today when i went to open a my bank account and sensing those highly paid executive female managers and imaging me my self washing their cars and brushing their high heels while the black bull CEO seduce her on my bed