Hi Baby ...

This black dick does not fit on my pussy!
Baby, it's not the size of the cock, it's the skill of the user and you. Your body will release various types of juices depending on how bad you want it. You will not feel the size, but the many pleasure senses it can touch at once. It also depends on the man, because he can adjust his speed based on you and build our trust. But out of about one thousand porn videos only one knows this and most don't slow to feel the woman so many of them don't get wet enough.
Baby, and a big dick is a great tool for reaching senses you didn't know you had. A lot of women may still feel incomplete after sex because those highly stimulating hotspots are untouched.. It's like getting a massage and the person does not feel and get to that sore spot. If a man is focused on feeling your hot spots he will learn how to control and heighten your orgasims and take you into ecstasy, the ideal time for him to get his best orgasim and end with you both having at the same time and you may moan and groan for an hour. The feeling can last a week and you will lose interest just sex.