Hi all,

We are a happily married UK couple who are considered attractive and very much in love. We want to fulfill some long-held fantasies,all of which involve a group of VVWE black guys (plus myself)giving my wife the most incredible experience of her life. Just to be clear,I have no wish to be cuckold,and although I would be involved,it would be in a strictly straight setting,I,m not gay,I don,t even help out when they,re busy! We,ve been to a BMFC event and as enjoyable as it was,it fell way short of what we were looking for,purely because it was basically a free-for-all and not at all organised. What would be more successful would be for us to meet with a small group of select black guys who specialise in this particular field. So having just discovered this site we,re hopeful that a few such groups actually exist in the UK. We live in the Midlands but are quite happy to travel as long as it,s not to have our time wasted,something that,s happened before and we,re not keen to repeat. Details to follow but for now it,s over to you guys.