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I have had the fantasy of watching my fiancé with a hung black man for some time and I am here to learn more about it. I have had some conversations with my wife-to-be about it and she left it open as a possibility if/when things get boring/stale in the bedroom.
I would really like to learn about what this lifestyle is actually like as opposed to what typical blogs/porn sites advertise. If I was to believe the tumblr/blog sites I have been too, all black men are packing 10 thick inches and fuck the wives into hysteria and I do not really buy that.
My interest in the lifestyle stems from wanting to see her fucked to complete and utter satisfaction. She has never complained about my performance and she always cums at least once but naturally I want her to experience the best sexual experience possible. I might be giving that to her, I do not know. Im here to learn!
Hope to chat with some genuine people in this lifestyle who are comfortable offering advice.
Not all black men are packing. I've had one that was 5 inches long but he knew what he was doing. Not all men that are hung know what to do with it,regardless of color. For me it's the contrast of the skin and the taboo feeling. My parents would disown me if they ever knew about me sleeping with black men. My hubby is Hispanic and they accepted him but blacks are a no no. Most of the black men I have been with are VERY well hung. most average 9 inches. They do touch deeper than i have ever been touched so it feels great,I love being stretched so thickness is a plus. I love being cummed in because it just feels so satisfying. I've never had an STD (knock on wood) but we get to know our men well. Even though I prefer strangers,we still are safe about having fun.