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    So I am somewhat aggressive and can be somewhat dominant. I go for what I want. While see most women here are submissive to their bulls, how many of you have some dominance over your bull? I am not speaking of FEMDOM but rather you have certain expectations from your bull?

    For example, I will suck the skin off my man whenever he wants, but I expect he goes down on me and does a great job.

    Other times I will take control and jerk him off. there have been time I have beenin complete control...

    Hit me up and let me know what you demand...a good fucking is understood...
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    My bull really likes being in control and dominate so when we are together that is how it usually goes and I am ok with that because it turns me on. Sometimes I do like to be in complete control so I save that for other men that I go out with. They don't seem to mind as long as we have sex.
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    I have to agree with both of you. Sometimes I like to be submissive. Other times a little more dominant. That is, I know what I want and am not afraid to tell a man.

    A lot of men like that a woman knows what she wants. And isn't afraid to go for it. As long as she doesn't act like a ball buster. Then they steer clear.
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    Do you find it easier to dominate white boys?