Hey from Germany!

I am a german guy and i like to get my girls blacked. I am doing this for quite a while now, got quite a few german (and others...) women to try and enjoy black. I am not the cuck type more a dom fucker myselfs, but as i said: I love to get them blacked, so let me know if you are in or on your way to germany, plenty of option here for you :)
Nice. Which cities usually? I am based n frankfurt but spend lots of time in Hamburg and Berlin. Got chicks in a few cities, german girls are crazy about going black these days.
Where you from?


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Im from Texas but have been stationed in Ramstien. I've been to Berlin a lot and really enjoyed it for obvious reason, but most of my time was spent out at the ring , love driving.
When are you coming next time?
I bet you liked it, its amazing how every chicks these days is crazy for black guys and rough sex. i am working in the advertising/film industry, lots of opportunity there :)
Yes, driving in germany is fun, always taking the car to travel between cities, got a classic 911 from the 80ties...
What are you looking for when you are here? What type of girls you like?