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Hello, we're new to the site here!

We are a young couple who haven't had any experience into the lifestyle yet but are definitely intrigued! We haven't done much sexual exploration, but we've been exploring each other's fantasy's and discovered that he has a fantasy for watching her get fucked, preferably by a black man! There are fantasies involving him as a sexual partner in a threesome, and some with him as a participant sucking and getting fucked (although this has never happened, he has had limited experience with men).

We are NOT a cuckold couple, and we don't really go along with the idea that black men are "superior" (it's just a fantasy of his, his cock is of impressive size and he knows how to use it to its fullest extent ;) so we aren't "lacking" in that department) we have good sex together and are just looking for something to add to the arsenal so to speak.

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