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Hey dolls


Real Person
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We are not new we have been around awhile but every so often we like to repost in this thread just to keep the newbies updated. We go over a few thing s and try to make our stance as clear as possible so everyone has a great experience.

Me or hubby might be on at anytime, if it is hubby chat with him guys..he is great and loves all things IR. Plus if you are rude to him your chances of meeting me drop significantly.

Be patient while we love all things IR we do have family , careers ect so a certain level of discretion is required. I will not be giving you my phone number, Facebook account..Skype or anything else. I have an email account I will share for e mailing. That is all so please don't as for anything else. Obviously if we meet it will be a different story. I have profiles on several different sites, we love chatting with other In The LS.

And lastly..white guys. Thank you but I am just not interested. I don't care how big your cock is it is the wrong color. I have the biggest white cock around with hubby..9 thick inches that knows just how to fuck me and does so almost every night ( unless there is a BBC in me..lol) this is a white wife black male site. We will chat with you all day long, we can be friendly as we are with several white guys on here but it will most likely never go any further.
On very very rare occasions we might be persuaded to do a full swap with another white couple. So white guys unless you have a wife, girlfriend, mother ,daughter, sister, cousin, niece ect.. That is attractive then chatting is as far as you will ever get.
We are not trying to come off as mean or snobby. We have been in the lifestyle for some 20 years and know what we want. We are just trying to be up front with everyone.

Love y'all ...anyone at anytime drop in and say hi....happy hunting dolls!!xoxoxox

Staci n Steve..