Her new friend

Ok spelling will not be great typing this on my phone.

Any way my girlfriend went on a night out and she knows i want her to be my slut and fuck other guys we spoken about it and she wants a bbc but hard to sort out.

Well she was out she meet this guy and she desided to be all friendly and got his number so when she got home told me i made her call to sort out a meet up.

So the day come's and we are very exsited watching her get dressed up as she left i got so turned on with random messages from her till the one i was after.

It said im back at his the rush thrill my mind loving the thought of what she is doing being a slut for this stranger as time passed by she message's me was fun babe i am going again and she vanished for few hours i lay in bed just thinking of what my slut was doing when she walks in with a big grin oh her face asking me if i am ok.

I just ask right away what happend wanting to know what she did and then she grabs her phone shows me pictures of her being very bad girl.

I might share what she did with you lot and would love to show one picture from that night but it is up to her she might come on and tell all