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Sue looked over at me as Thomas pushed her legs apart and pushed his tongue into her pussy. She mouthed the words "are you okay?" I nodded back. what was not to be okay about. I was about to watch my beautiful wife have sex with a hot black stud nearly half her age. Reassured she let her head push back against the pillow. Her eyes closed and she began moaning softly. I watched as her nipples hardened as they always do when she gets turned on. Her hand caressed his hair, her wedding ring catching the light and glistening. I sat back and rubbed my cock which was hard as rock but definitely no where near the size of that of her new lover. I had watched them kiss and touch each other for the last fifteen minutes. She had pulled his boxers down to reveal his huge cock and suck it to its full length. Now it was down to business. As his pussy eating became more intense, Sue's hand grasped the bedsheets and pulled on them indicating that she was getting near. Her moans grew louder and her back began to arch. I loved the way her lips parted as she got closer and closer. Finally she drove her hips into his face and release a loud moan as her orgasm shattered the quiet of our hotel room. I'd never heard her cum so loud before. A few moments passed before she looked over at me again. "What was incredible," she said in a sultry voice. I knew she wanted more. She turned her head back toward her lover, "let's do it now. I want to feel you inside me." The young stud didn't need to be asked twice. He raised up and moved between her legs. His cock was straining, pointing straight upwards, seeking the warmth and satisfaction of her hot cunt. He worked the head of his manhood inside Sue's pussy and pushed. She was so excited that he entered her with a single stroke causing her to gasp. I undid my belt and zipper and pulled my cock out and began to slowly work it as I watched my wife take her first black cock!