Her First Time

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    Last week on a trip, my wife and I had too much to drink and were back at our hotel, watching an x-rated movie and having fun. The movie was about the first time; we had never discussed this before and came from different cities, so it was no big deal. Well, with some teasing, I wanted my wife to tell me about her first time; the more we talked, the more she got turned on. To my shock, she confessed that she had sex for the first time with a black football player from her university. She and her best friend talked their way to an after game party. After the party, the black player she met and some of his team mates invited her and her friend to their hotel, where my wife lost her virginity to him. It wasn't enough that she got fucked by a huge black cock, but unbeknown to her, the other guys took turns watching them through the bedroom door which was open a crack. Her friend told her that after they had left. This comes from a woman who teaches Sunday school, so you can imagine how shocked I was!

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    I want to watch too!
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    I can just imagine! I was married almost nine years, and although I had shared my fantasy of my seeing a black guy doing a white girl, with my wife (Pam), usually, if not always when we were into it. I never thought it would ever be a reality. Then just four years ago this past March it did become a reality! What was surreal about that experience was that the white girl being blackened was none other than my wife, or that the black guy doing her would be my old university friend and roommate, Edwin! It was an incredible experience!
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    That's so sexy.
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