Couple living in the mountains of NC that frequent Charlotte and Atlanta. She is curious and thinking about trying new things. Husband is totally cool with it so helping her see what's out there. Not into cuckold scene as we are not interested in humiliation or the subordinate scene. Looking for mature, respectful, professionals we can get to know. Once we learn more about you we'll see where this takes us. People with face pics and are willing to take this slowly will be at the front of the line. She is a beautiful blue eyed sweetheart who is not slutty but is very open to experimentation. She has a high sexual appetite and is as aggressive as she is passive. We are very secure in our relationship and have no desire to make this an every weekend thing. Just looking for those select few who have the total package of looks, personality, and intelligence. Once we feel comfortable will meet and see where this takes us. Husband would be with her and she would be free to do anything. He is straight and would participate only with her if that is what she chooses. We want the men involved to understand that this is something we do as a couple. You’re not a replacement, you’re not there because she is not satisfied (sexually or otherwise). You’re not an escape from our relationships, our lives or anything of the sort. For us as a couple we only engage in this when we’re at our best in our lives and marriage, we think of the guys who we meet as an addition to an already happy and fulfilled life. If you understand that and are happy to add to and join in on a situation like that…awesome! So, let's see who is out there.
Common interests, goals & mindset is key. Loyalty is also. Sex is such experience when it's understood that it's more than humping... Have fun!
Wow. Nice reply. Up till now the replies have just been, "like what you see"? We are looking to fulfill this fantasy and will do so later this summer. This may be a one time thing or the new norm; we really don't know. Looking for a shared experience with someone who we can get to know and have fun with. Intelligence and character will play a big part in who we ultimately pic. You have certainly distanced yourself from the pack. We'll add pics soon so see what you think.
The two of you are taking the right approach to your fantasy, and slow is the best way. Always good to know who you having fun with and always want to be friends when you leave each other. Sex can be random, but friends are a whole different thing. wish you two the best of luck, and if you ever come off the mountain to Greenville SC hit me up on kik. Same name as here.
We have a lil bar here in Greenville you might like to visit. Its called the Gas Light Lounge. Saturdays is mostly the best time to come out. No one judges you there and they're some very good people there. My Name is Alvin and well known there. So if you ever come down hit me up maybe we meet there, socialize and meet others as well.
No. Just figured you did.
Just want to set the record straight. We have (quite possibly had) a reason for coming on the site. Didn't mince words or lead anyone on. The problem we are having is the alpha male world domination Bullshit propaganda that litters the site. We have/had honest intent to connect with someone but guess we moved too fast without really getting to know the person. Shame we thought we picked well but glad we figured it out before making a mistake.
Bottom line. Cheap pussy is easy. Damn stuff practically falls from the sky if you look for it. My wife is above all of that. She is not a piece, not a conquest, and I don't submit to anyone black or white. We are totally happy with our sex life and just looking to spice it up with the right individual. Guess this isn't the site to find that person. Your agenda cheapens sex and humiliates all in the name of what....? You have a big black dick? This white boy is 8.5x6. Bigger than at least 90% of the "superior race" advertised. Anyway, good luck with that world domination bullshit.
Looks like my knowing the name Brian was truly was something bad. Is there any possibility you have the wrong person? I never ask no one to submit to me and just met you here. Now if the person you know as Brian has nothing to do with me. Sorry but it seems we on the wrong track and i don't even know you.