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Meg was frozen to the spot with this muscular young, black stud standing immediately beside her. She was panting to catch her breath, her thigh muscles clenching, trying to stem the flow of love juices from seeping into her panties. She was now literally speechless, body shivering at being so close to this muscular young boy. As the handsome teen moved in closer, Meg panted for breath as his lips neared hers. Then his lips were kissing her and Meg could not resist opening her lips to his probing tongue. She gasped as her hand was being grasped by that of her daughter’s handsome boyfriend, a college teen young enough to be her own son.
Meg was beside herself, unable to think or rationalize at all. After that episode last week of Kurt being pressed up against her, Meg’s thoughts had gone wild. What made it worst was the wicked and illicit thoughts that plagued her throughout the week as she tried to sleep each night. She had often wondered what it would feel like to be stark naked with Kurt's muscular black body upon her. Each time she had pictured herself with arms and legs spread wide and embracing the dark muscular body, arching up to get his throbbing hardness deep into her. Since dating Mike, her husband, from high school, never had a thought of making love to anyone but Mike entered her mind, but in the past week it was all she could think about. Her wicked thoughts of her daughter’s young boyfriend over the past week, added with the young man so close to her now, had Meg’s body trembling.

Unable to help herself, Meg looked downward to watch as Kurt’s fingers slowly began to unbutton her white blouse. Then her blouse was pulled from her skirt, pushed off her shoulders to flutter to the dirty garage floor. Then the shoulder straps of her lacy white bra were pulled over her shoulders, followed by the strong hands peeling the lacy material to bare her milk-white breasts. “Ohhhh ……ohhhhh, Kurt …….stoppppp!” Meg moaned as one pink was suckled to stiffness and then the other.

Moments later, the lacy bra had been unfastened to drop onto the garage floor, soon to be followed by Meg’s black skirt. The next thing Meg knew, she was laying on the leather seat in the back of her Jaguar. Her black heels, smoke colored pantyhose and black panties were strewn about on the dirty floor. With the automatic garage light having now gone off, the interior of light of the Jag served to display the beautiful charms of the well-respected Mrs. Meg Fuller.
As the muscular young body descended upon her, Meg pushed up with all her might. “Ohhh, please ………….no, don’t …………..I’ve never …………pleaseeee ……………ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Godddddd!” Meg groaned as the thick throbbing cudgel spread her moist quim. “Ohhhh, Goddddd ………….yesssssssssssss!” she moaned, spreading her legs wide and crossing them over the buttocks of her young lover.

Kurt couldn’t believe the exquisite feeling of actually fucking an experienced married ‘woman’! The thought of getting a faithful wife to disregard her marriage vows for a teenage boy had Kurt’s ten inch cock rock solid. The way Meg responded to his cock, he knew this beautiful faithful wife was now his for the taking. He was going to give her a fucking she’d never forget, letting his cock slowly slice through her moist but tight slit.

One mind-shattering orgasm and a half hour later, the lovely Meg was again moaning loudly for Kurt to “Fuck me ……..fuck me hard ………….ohhhhhhhhh, yes ………….yes, cum in me again!” Kurt was only too happy to oblige as he held her hips tightly to him as he spurted his thick potent load deep into her fertile womb for a second time “Ahhhhh, yessss, Mrs. Fuller …………here it cums …………….ohhhh, here’s my hot baby juice, Mrs. Fuller ……….........I'm gonna knock ya up good!”

The way in which Mrs. Fuller’s body clenched and contracted, legs and arms tied tightly around him, Kurt knew she was having a wild orgasm. He was certainly right for Meg had never before experienced such a feeling in all her years of marriage.

Finally Kurt pushed his body up, groaning as his dwindling but extra sensitive cock slipped from the tightly gripping cunt lips of his girlfriend’s beautiful mother. He smiled as he looked down at the sprawled body of this elegant woman and once faithful wife. What a fantastic fuck! What a thrill it was to nail a happily married ‘faithful’ wife. The thrill of this conquest was made that much more special when he had taunted the lovely wife as he fucked into her, loved it when he called her by her marital name. It added more spice to the conquest as he had taunted Meg Fuller “Ohhhhh ….............…….Mrs. Fuller ….............……you must be starved for cock! Oh, what would Mr. Fuller say if he drove in right now! Does Mr. Fuller have a cock to compare with this?”

Getting back into his clothing, Kurt pressed the garage remote to raise the door. The daylight and automatic garage light lit up the interior of the garage. He smiled as he glanced at the items of women’s clothing strewn about the garage floor. He again glanced into the rear seat of the luxury Jaguar, grinning smugly at the beautiful milk-white body laying widespread upon the leather seat. He laughed to himself, wondering what people in the community would have to say of the well respected community leader with her legs spread wide with a black teenage boy’s cum pouring out of her well fucked pussy. Picking up the lacy black panties, he stepped out of the garage and pressed the remote to close the door, sliding the remote back into the garage before the door closed shut.

The thought of having this beautiful woman violate her wedding vows in the back seat of her husband's car made this the most powerful orgasm he had ever experienced. Having this sophisticated beauty wrap her trim arms and legs around him was something he’s always remember, especially when she begged him to “Cum in meeee ……..ohhh, yessss ………shoot it in me ……………give me your baby!” Kurt definitely complied with her request, squirting his potent cum deep in her womb as she moaned for more. He knew it wouldn't be the last time he would fuck his girlfriend's beautiful mother.

All White Wedding vows should be violated by a Giant Negro Cock. Preferably in front of all the white wedding guests and step-parents, so that the know that she chooses the African Lover over any wimpy little white.
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