Her Black Lover.....A Story

This is the first IR story that I ever created. It gets really rough. I have definate ideas as to where I want to take it to conclusion, but I never managed to finish it. Perhaps you could help me get motivated.

Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony
Warning: This story gets rough at times with an emasculation/humiliation theme.

Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony
By: Got2,
All rights reserved, repost by permission only

My name is Jack Cooper, I’m thirty-eight years old and my wife, Jenny, is thirty. Jenny and I had a good sex life. We’d been married twelve years and I was under the impression that both of us were very satisfied with our sexual relationship. However, through a series of events, mostly of my own doing, I find myself now an impotent cuckold to my beautiful wife, not to mention, the target of constant public humiliation.

We married very young, well at least Jenny was young. Fresh out of high school, with the body of a cheerleader, she fell in love with me, a man of twenty-six with a successful internet business. I thought everything she needed to be happy was mine to give her.

Wherever we went, my friends were taken with Jenny’s beauty. Her long blond hair and her tight little ass never made it through any room without attracting the gaze of every man present. She would revel in the attention while I enjoyed the knowledge that the woman every man in the room wanted was mine. After an evening out with my wife, I’d take her home and ravish her like a conquering hero. I really got off having my cock where the other guys could only fantasize about. Jenny noticed my increased passion after we went out. She began to tease and flirt with other men while watching my desire build up.

My wife works in a doctor’s office with two other women, Gina and Kim. They all talk about their lives, leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s as if they’re trying to outdo each other to see whose life is the most exciting. One day Jenny came home and told me that Gina, one of her friends at work, was having an affair. Gina is a cute little Italian girl, with a big round ass and a matching large set of breasts. Her short dark hair frames her pouting lips, and mischievous eyes. She went on to say how Gina’s husband was completely oblivious to the whole situation and could not even tell that his wife had been having sex with another man. Even when Gina came to bed with her lovers cum dripping from her pussy, her husband was still blind to the situation.

Jenny asked me what I thought of Gina and her situation with her husband. I thought she was asking me what I would do if she was having an affair, so I said, “if it was you that was screwing another man, I suppose I would want to know about it.”

“That’s not what I was asking” said Jenny, “but since you brought it up, how would you react if you found out I was having an affair?”

I thought about it then replied, “as long as you still loved me, and it was just about sex, I guess I could live with it.”

“Bull shit” Jenny said, “there’s no way you could handle your wife being with another man, let alone bringing his still warm semen home with her.”

“How do you think this thing with Gina is going to play out?” I asked my wife. Jenny said Gina’s husband Joe, was not performing well in bed, so Gina was getting what she needed elsewhere. The rest of their marriage was great, Gina loves her husband and they have fun, but he does not compare to her lover’s big cock.

In the weeks that followed Jenny and I played with the fantasy of her taking a lover, even to the degree of calling me another man’s name while we were having sex, then asking me to go down on her to see if I could tell that she’s been fucked by another man. For me, it was a thrilling experience to think of my sexy wife seducing and servicing another man. We both got excited by the fantasy of the marital taboo being broken, the danger, thrill and naughtiness of it all.

Sadly, Gina’s husband finally found out about the affair, then asked for a divorce. This put an end to the most exciting fantasy that Jenny and I had played with in years. She didn’t even want to talk about another man in our sex lives. The cold realization of the consequences for Gina took the fun out of our game.

In fact, all of our role-play fantasies came to an end around that time; sex was starting to become plain vanilla for us. I knew somehow I had to find a way to convince Jenny that I was not like Joe, that even if she wandered and slept with another man, not only could I forgive her, but I would gain some sexual satisfaction
of it as well.

My chance came in the form of a medical supplies salesman named Phil. I had often heard Jenny’s work mates talking about Phil, mostly about how all of them wanted to go down on this guy in the worst way. It seems he has a reputation for having an extremely large penis. I asked Jenny what she thought about Phil, and she sort of blushed a little, and said “he’s cute, I guess”.

At the next office Christmas party I met Phil and was very surprised that he was a black man. Jenny seemed to spend a lot of time alone talking to Phil, so Gina and Kim came over to me and asked if I minded that my wife was chatting up a handsome black man. I told them that Jenny could do as she pleased, what pleases Jenny, pleases me.

“Wow!” Gina said, “Your wife is a very lucky woman.”

It was getting late, so I went looking for Jenny. Gina said she saw her outside with Phil, by his car. When I spotted them together I was stunned. Phil is at least a foot taller than Jenny; his dark skin is a stark contrast to Jenny’s pale complexion and blond hair. She had her index finger hooked on one of his belt loops, she kept tugging on him as they talked and laughed. When they saw me coming over they separated. Jenny said, “I’ll see you Tuesday”, then she tuned and walked over to me.

That night was some of the best sex I can remember; I kept telling Jenny to imagine that it was Phil’s big cock that was in her pussy. She responded by saying that she wished it was Phil’s big cock instead of my little one. This was the first time she referred to my cock as little. While it was a bit humiliating, it was also a great turn on for me. As hard as I tried to hold off, I was so tuned on that I told her I was about to cum.

“Pull out!” Jenny demanded. I did as she asked; she held out her hands and said, “cum in my hands.” I wildly jerked on my cock until I spewed my cum all over her delicate little palms. She held her hands up to her face, for a moment I thought she was going to eat my cum, then she looked me in the eye and asked, ”Do you really want me to fuck Phil?”

“Yes,” I answered emphatically.

“Will you do anything I ask if I agree to do it?” Once again I breathlessly answered, “Yes.” Jenny had now subtly turned the situation to her favor. Cleaver girl.

“Then lick your cum out of my hands,” she ordered in a stern tone.

I bent in and got a whiff of my semen. It was overwhelming. I quickly backed up.

“I don’t think so,” I said, “I just don’t think I can go through with it.”

“Too bad,” Jenny said, “we probably could have had fun with this. I knew you weren’t serious though.” She got up to go into the bathroom to wash up but I stopped her.

“Wait! Don’t go, I’ll do it.” I sighed as her feet touched the floor. The sexual thrill had gotten to me.

“Really” Jenny beamed as she turned to look at me. “I’ll tell you what. Since I didn’t get off while we were fucking, how about you go down on me? After you make me cum I’ll give you your treat, ok?”

Jenny spread her lovely pearl white legs wide for me, giving me full access to her furry dark blond pussy entrance that glistened with her juices. The whole time I was licking my wife’s pussy, she kept her eyes closed. She told me what a lousy lover I am, how she’s going to enjoy Phil’s big fat cock. Her legs began to quiver as her orgasm built up. Her whole body shook as she came, she drove the heals of her feet into my back to keep my face buried in her pussy as she came.

After she recovered, she sat up and said, “ You’re always telling me to imagine that it’s Phil’s cock that’s fucking me. Now it’s your turn. Imagine it’s Phil’s cum you’re licking up.” Then she brought her right hand, still covered in my cum, to my face.

I slowly lowered my head down and took a tentative lick. “Mmmm, I like this even better than watching you lick your cum from my pussy,” said Jenny. “In fact, I think you shouldn’t cum in my pussy anymore. That should be reserved for nice big cocks, like Phil’s.” Her tone was strong and direct. As I finished cleaning my wife’s hands of cum, I could tell by the smile on her face that we had crossed a line, and I loved where it was taking us. Jenny had taken away the privilege of my shooting cum inside of her. I voiced no objection.

Tuesday was Phil’s regular day for stopping into Jenny’s office; so when she got home that evening I was a little anxious to hear about her day. She didn’t say much happened, but she did bring home some catalogs of Phil’s medical equipment. It seems that in addition to selling to doctors, he also sells to veterinarians. Jenny pointed to a page, and asked if I knew what that thing was. I told her I didn’t, so she explained that it was called an elastrator, it was used to castrate bulls and other animals. The instrument placed a tight rubber band around the scrotum, when left on long enough, it would kill off the animal’s testacies by cutting off their blood supply. Eventually the dead tissue would fall off, leaving a slight scar where the sac and balls once were.

I’ve never seen Jenny so excited. She was breathing hard and very flushed. “Maybe we should get one of these, so I can keep you in line,” she said.

“I don’t think so,” I replied, “it looks like it would hurt. Not to mention it would be dangerous.” Licking up cum was one thing, but a castration scenario sent shivers down my spine.

“We’ll see,” Jenny said with a laughing tone, “maybe Phil can get me a sample.”

That weekend we went to a party at Jenny’s friend Kim’s house. Kim is a tall skinny red haired woman, a few years older than Jenny and Gina. You can tell by the look in her eyes that she can get pretty wild. Gina was there and asked me what I thought about Jenny’s long lunches with Phil on Tuesdays. I told her that Jenny didn’t mention anything about going to lunch with Phil, but what ever she did, it was all right with me.

I asked Jenny about lunch with Phil, she said, “oh, it’s just a couple of good friends grabbing a bite to eat, that’s all.” Then she smiled at me and said, “ Why, do you want there to be more than just lunch?” All I could muster was a grin and looked away.

That night was a repeat performance of the week before; with me ending up this time eagerly licking my cum from Jenny’s hands as she told me, “now that you’re so accepting about eating cum, I’ll have to find another test to put you through to see how sincere you are about me screwing Phil.”

The next Tuesday, Jenny called to say she’d be working a little late, but she’d be bringing home a surprise for me. I wondered if she was talking about having sex with Phil. ‘Was she bringing me her pussy with his cum in it?’, I wondered. Although we’d talked about it a lot, I wasn’t sure if Jenny would really do it. I was so excited that I could hardly keep myself from jerking off before Jenny got home. Around eight fifteen, Jenny’s car pulled into the driveway. When she got out, I noticed she was carrying a box.

She came in, and set the box down and asked how my day was. We made small talk for a few minutes, but I kept staring at the box. Jenny saw me and knew I was curious to see what she’d brought home. “Open it.” She said. I took the cover off and pulled out a large pair of what looked like gleaming silver pliers. It was spring loaded and had a wide grip. In fact, it looked like some sort of medieval torture device. “It’s an elastrator!” she exclaimed.

“I know what it is, but why do we have one?” I asked, knowing what Jenny intended for me.

“I thought it might be a little fun to play a game”, she said. “Follow me to the bedroom”. She was so bubbly that she bounced up the stairs, her sexy ass beckoning me to catch up.

I followed her into the bedroom apprehensively. My knees shook as I approached our bed. “Lay down,” she whispered in a sexy devilish tone. I followed her instructions.

“I want you to try as hard as you can to please me”, Jenny instructed. “But,” she added, “I will put one of these on you, and when I cum, I’ll cut it off”. She was holding a blue elastrator rubber bands in her right hand.

“What if it hurts me,” I said. “Don’t worry”, Jenny explained, “ I’ll use one of the bigger ones so it won’t squeeze you too hard.” That devilish grin was back on her face. I was like putty in her hands.

I undressed quickly. As I lay on the bed, Jenny calmly fit the rubber band onto the tool, then she carefully slipped it over my balls. The cold stainless steel made me shiver when she pressed it up against my thighs. Once my scrotem was stretched through the device, Jenny removed the tool, leaving the band around my balls. The band pressed them together and held them tight up against me. The fit was uncomfortable but not agonizing.

“You’d better hurry up and get me off” Jenny chuckled, “you know what happens if we leave this on too long.”

I literally dove into her pussy, pulling her panties aside and feverishly licked her with the gusto of a condemned man until she exploded in orgasm. “That was the best cum I’ve ever had,” Jenny said, “we’ll have to do this more often,” as she carefully cut the band from around my balls. Jenny’s smile was overwhelming.

When the blood rushed back into my ball sac, it kind of hurt a little, but that went away quickly as Jenny began to give me a fantastic blowjob. I was in ecstasy. Just as I was about to cum, Jenny pinched down on my cock, stopped me, then slowly milked my cum out into her hand. I came, but I didn’t orgasm. The cun dripped out of me instead of shooting out. Jenny lifted her hand to my mouth and I obediently cleaned it up. I had surrendered to my wife and I was enjoying it.

We decided not to do the banding thing too frequently, to save it for special occasions. Jenny’s vivid imagination about an affair with Phil was providing us with a wealth of role-play material. Whether we were having intercourse, or if she was giving me head, she always knew when to stop so I could cum in her hand and then lick it up. She would add new comments like, “guys with little dicks must learn to like the taste of cum.”

Although I was slightly embarrassed by what she was saying, I was starting to enjoy the taste of my cum. The fishy smell, the salty taste and gooey texture were becoming familiar. In the back of my mind the realization was forming that soon Jenny’s pussy would be filled with another man’s sperm that she would have me clean out with my tongue. The thought both sickened and excited me at the same time. At this point, all of our love making culminated with my licking up my own cum from her hands. Jenny had kept her word, I was barred from cumming inside of her.

Part II

Several weeks had passed before we attended another party, this time at Gina’s
house. Even though she was the one who cheated on Joe, somehow she still wound up with the house. We arrived early to help set up. When I was alone with Gina I asked her how she was doing after her separation from Joe. She said that she missed Joe, but the sex had never been better. She told me that Phil set her up with two of his friends and she has been getting laid every night.

I was surprised at her candor, so I asked why she didn’t ask Phil to date her seeing as everyone thinks he’s such a catch. “Phil only has eyes for your wife,” Gina responded, “besides, I’m very happy with Reggie and Curt, you’ll meet them, later. They’re coming with Phil.” I was a little taken aback. Usually it was just the women and their spouses at the parties. I was wondered why Phil was invited and how Jenny would react to him being there in close proximity with me.

Around nine o’clock, Kim and Bob showed up. Then Reggie, Curt, and Phil arrived about twenty minutes later. Everyone was enjoying the casual mood of the party; we all had a lot to eat and drink. I couldn’t keep my eyes off Gina, and her two men. They were both as big as Phil and both as black. It was obvious to everyone there that they had a three-way relationship as both men were kissing and touching her constantly. I must have been paying so much attention to Gina that I didn’t notice my own wife had gone outside to the pool with Phil alone.

I was on my way out to join them when I felt a hand on my elbow pulling me back. It was Kim. “Leave them alone,” she admonished, “it looks like they went outside for some privacy.” I looked around for her husband, Bob, and found him at the bar enjoying the show of Gina and her two studs.

“Jenny told me that you have developed a taste for your own cum,” Kim said in a cool tone. I froze in my tracks. I never thought Jenny would tell her friends about that.

“Oh yeah Bill, we talk about everything in the office. Jenny even told us how you secretly want her to get together with Phil.” I was starting to feel very uncomfortable, I was looking for a way out of this conversation. Then Kim went on to say that even though Jenny told them that she found Phil attractive, she would never approach him.

“That’s why we told him, Jack,” said Kim, looking me directly in the eye.

“You told him what?,” I asked nervously.

“Gina and I told Phil that you want your wife and him to become lovers. That’s why he’s here tonight.” I could not summon a response so she pulled me back toward the bar and poured me another scotch. I downed the drink quickly as my fingers trembled holding the glass.

When Gina saw me she smiled and said, “I know, let’s all get into the pool.” I turned around to find that Jenny and Phil were just walking back inside. “Great idea, Gina,” Jenny said, “but I don’t have a suit.” Gina reached behind the bar, pulled out a couple of bikinis, and tossed them to Kim and Jenny.

Kim handed hers back and said, “It’s getting late, Bob has to get up tomorrow, so we’ll pass on the pool.” Jenny ran into the other room and put her suit on. Gina handed me and the three other men Speedo style suits and said, “Let’s all meet by the pool.”

There were a limited number of rooms so I had to wait until Reggie was done before I put my suit on. By the time I got out to the pool, everyone was already in the water.

I saw Gina standing in the pool, being sandwiched between her two black lovers. At the other end of the pool was my wife, pressing her chest against Phil. I must have been staring so intently at my wife’s white body compressed against Phil’s ebony mass that I didn’t see the chase lounge in front of me as I walked toward them. I fell over it with a loud crash and scraped up my elbow.

Jenny quickly got out of the pool and brought me inside to bandage my elbow. “Let’s go home,” she said, “you can’t go back in the pool with your arm all cut up.” I told her that I’d be ok to say in the house. I made up an excuse about her going back to keep Gina company. Of course, I wanted her to continue to bond with Phil.

“Ok,” she said, “but when you’re ready to go, just yell for me.” She then turned and walked back out to the pool. I watched as her tight little, mostly naked, butt went through the door and thought, “what the hell am I doing.” Then I rationalized situation by imagining the hot sex Jenny and I were going to have tonight with her being so worked up from being around Phil. I sat on the recliner, flipped on the TV
and watched the football game.

Forty-five minutes later, the game ended. I walked out to the pool to get Jenny. The pool was empty, the patio looked empty. I was just about to go back inside when I saw Gina at the far end of the patio. In the dim light I could see she was bent over a lounge chair, sucking on Curt’s cock while Reggie plowed her from behind. I wanted to stay and watch the live sex show, but I figured I should leave before they noticed me. I went back inside to look for Jenny and Phil.

I checked every room in the house then I went out to my car. Just then I saw Jenny getting out of a shiny black Escalade. Phil got out of the drivers side and they walked up to the house together. It was clearly obvious from the bulge in Phil’s Speedo that the rumors of his size were not exaggerations. My wife’s nipples were jutting out hard against the thin fabric of her bikini top.

Jenny saw me, and said, “I’m ready to go now Jack, just let me get my skirt and blouse.” She walked right up toward me. As she passed, she stopped and gave me a deep tongue kiss.

I immediately noticed a salty, creamy taste in Jenny’s mouth. I had tasted it a lot recently. It was semen, Phil’s semen. I looked her right in the eyes. She just winked at me and ran into the house to get her clothes. Phil just stood there smiling; his big white teeth gleaming in the moonlight. His ebony muscled skin glistening with the sheen of his perspiration.

“Quite a woman you’ve got there Jack,” said Phil in a deep muscular tone. “I hope you don’t mind me monopolizing her time tonight. She can be a lot of fun.” I was about to stammer a response when Jenny came bouncing out of the house and said, “ I said good bye to Gina for you, let’s go.”

Then she turned to Phil and said with grinning eyes, “see you Tuesday.” Phil gave her a close hug and told her he would be looking forward to it. Again, I was treated to the sigh of the contrast between my wife’s white skin and blond hair and Phil’s deep black muscled frame.

Part III

Jenny and I walked arm in arm to my car and headed home. On the way she said, “Thanks for letting me have a good time with my friends tonight.” “That’s ok,” I said with a great deal of anticipation, “you can make it up to me when we get home.”

“Why wait till then,” Jenny responded as she unzipped my fly and pulled out my semi erect penis. As she stroked me she asked if I noticed how Reggie, Curt and Phil filled out their Speedo’s.

“I don’t know how Gina handles those two big guys,” Jenny said, “but it looks like she has fun doing it.” Jenny kept me on the edge of cumming all the way home. Left unsaid were her activities with Phil. It was our shared secret. When we arrived home, we went straight to bed.

I desperately wanted to fuck her, to have my cock inside of her just after she had given Phil a blow job. To reclaim her as my territory, to ravage her pussy with my cock, to use her as my wife.

“Just wait,” Jenny said as she drew her arms around me as we stood naked next to our bed.

“Let’s play our little game again. You know, after all, I feel like this is a special occasion. After you get me off with your tongue, I’ll let you fuck me.” I nodded in agreement, my semi-hard cock just barely making contact with her pussy hair, her hard nipples pressing against my chest.

In moments I was flat on my back, legs spread out. Jenny had the elastrator out again, grinning like a wicked devil, and loaded the device with another rubber band. “I’m all out of the big bands,” Jenny said, “so we’ll have to try one of the smaller ones. They use these on dogs, so let me know if it hurts, ok?” Since I was on my back, feeling like a dog in heat myself, I did not notice how small the dog rubber band was.

She gently slid the band on, her fingers worked my balls through the opening of the device. I don’t know if it was the alcohol I drank or what, but the band didn’t hurt at all. Jenny then slid up and sat her warm dripping pussy on my face. Her juices quickly covered my face. The whole time I was licking her, she was saying things like, “that’s it pussy boy, lick me good,” and, “your little cock and balls are no good for me, you’d better be good with your tongue.” I was struck with a combination of jealousy and desire to please her as I pressed my tongue deeper and deeper into her.

Jenny must have been a little drunk too because it took her an awfully long time to cum. When she finally slid off my face I sat up and noticed my balls were a bright purple. I started to panic; especially when it took Jenny a couple of minutes to find the clippers to cut the band off. When she cut the band, the blood rushed back in. It felt like my balls were on fire as waves of pain shot from my groin up my spine.

“Here,” Jenny said massaging my swollen testicles, “let me make you feel better.” She bent down and began to suck my cock. As hard as she tried, my cock would not get fully erect. I had tears in my eyes as I realized I would not be able to perform, that I was not going be able to take her with my cock.

“We have to find a way to get the cum out of these balls,” Jenny said in a half serious tone. “ I know how,” she went on, “Kim told me about a trick.” She then wet a finger, and slid it in my ass.

Suddenly I felt the urge to cum. Jenny could tell too. Having my wife stick her finger up my ass felt a bit humiliating, yet, I was so desperate for sexual release that I did not give it a second thought.

“You want to cum Little Jacky”, she said in a little girl voice. “Yes!” I nearly screamed, “Yes please!”

“Well your little dickie is too soft to put in my pussy, so I am going to finger fuck you to orgasm.” Jenny continued to work her finger into my ass and slowly stroke my soft cock. In less than a minute I went over the edge. The moment my cock began to spasm, Jenny cupped her hand over its head and captured all of my cum.
Delightfully, she brought her hand up to my lips so that I could savor the taste of my emissions.

When I finished, we spooned and fell asleep pressed together, nude.

For weeks after that night I couldn’t get an erection. When, on the rare occasion my cock responded, it never got rock hard. Of course, my cock never got even close to Jenny’s pussy. Even so, Jenny and I had never been more intimate. We looked forward to making love in the evenings, especially on Tuesdays when I knew she had been to lunch with Phil.

Since I was having a problem with my erections, our love making consisted of me going down on Jenny, and then either jerking off, or getting a hand job from Jenny. She didn’t like to suck on my dick unless it got hard. For a few weeks it was just her hand, or mine.

Once, while I was in the shower, I tried to jerk myself off just to prove that I could cum; that I could still fuck like a man. My penis refused to respond no mater how much I pulled on it. In the end, I leaned against the shower tiles and had myself a good cry of self pity. I think Jenny heard me. After I got out of the shower she came into the bathroom wile I was shaving and gently caressed my small, lip cock through my boxer shorts. “I still like my Little Man,” she whispered into my ear. As I turned to kiss her she had already left. Indeed, I was her Little Impotent Man.

Still, I loved licking Jenny’s pussy. It made me feel so intimate with her. Her juices tasted like the ocean, her soft dark blond feminine hair ticked my chin as I circled my tongue against her beautiful pussy lips. It also allowed me to confirm that she and Phil were not fucking on their long lunches, although, I suspected that she was giving him head.

(To Be Very Much Continued)
Here's Part II

Warning: This story gets rough at times with an emasculation/humiliation theme.

Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony (Part II)
By: Got2,
All rights reserved, repost by permission only


For Jenny’s birthday, since it was on a Friday, we’d planned a nice quiet dinner at a restaurant, then some dancing. We were both looking forward to it. I waited for her to get home that Friday night, took a shower, and laid out my clothes. Jenny came home from work, carrying the presents she got from Gina, and Kim.

Gina got her a gag gift, a T-shirt that said “BLONDES PREFER BLACKS”, and Kim gave my wife a twelve-inch long thick black dildo. “Want to try it out?” Jenny asked. When I saw the look of excitement in her eyes, how could I turn her down? “Ok,” I said, “but we don’t have much time. We have diner reservations in about an hour and forty minutes.” She literally ran upstairs, and stripped off her clothes and practically jumped onto the bed.

“Lick my pussy to get it wet Bill”, her eyes gleamed as she spoke. “I can’t wait to feel this thing stretching me.” Soon I had her vaginal opening wet and ready, and then I began to slowly feed the black plastic monster into her.

“More, more” she panted, as I started fucking her with a slow, deep rhythm. “Lick my clit as you fuck me ,”she begged, so I did. She exploded in a series of tremendous orgasms, shaking and crying as her body spammed.

After she settled down, she asked if I wanted to get off. I said, “no, I think I’ll wait till we get home tonight, we’re running a little late.” So she got out of bed, and hopped into the shower.

While she was in the shower, I looked at the black replica of what Phil’s cock must resemble, then I looked back to my limp little dick, I thought to myself, “Jenny deserves better than what I have to offer.” Mentally I had accepted that Phil would give Jenny what I was no longer capable of giving her.

We had a wonderful dinner, and headed downtown to a couple of dance clubs. The first few places we stopped at were kind of dead, so Jenny suggested we go to a place that Gina liked to go to, called Le Zebra. Once we got there I immediately knew why Gina liked it, there was an over abundance of young black men in the club. The place was very large and poorly lit, but we found a booth, and ordered drinks. Jenny was very excited about being there, she wanted to dance right away, so she dragged me out onto the dance floor.

Soon we were surrounded by a sea of horny men; all seeming to be dancing with my wife as much as I was. Jenny loved the attention, and was openly flirting with many of the men on the dance floor. The music ended, and we returned to our table to finish our drinks. Jenny said she needed to use the ladies room, and left me alone at the table. About fifteen minutes had passed, and Jenny still hadn’t returned, the music had started again, so I got up to look for her.

I found her on the dance floor dancing with a tall black man, who looked a little dangerous to me. I waited for the song to end, then I walked over to her. To my surprise, she was escorted back to her dance partner’s table, and seated in a booth, between two other black men. I walked up to the table, and asked Jenny if she wanted to come back and sit with me.

“Are you her boyfriend?” One of the thugs asked me. “No, I’m her husband,” I replied. “Not tonight,” the other one said, “Tonight she’s our wife.” They all got a little laugh out of that, except Jenny, she was looking very nervous.

“Why don’t you run along home hubby,” the young black man said, “we’ll make sure your wife gets the ride she needs.” “Let me go”, said Jenny, as one of the men slid his hand up under her short denim skirt. I knew I was out numbered, but I had to do something.

Just as I was about to raise my fist, I heard a deep booming voice from behind me. “That’ll be enough boys, let the lady get up.” I turned and saw it was Phil.

Both Jenny and I were very happy to see him. The young men wanted no part in a confrontation with Phil so they offered no resistance when Jenny got up. We walked with Phil back to our table, and sat down. Jenny and Phil sat together. I was ok with that; I was very comfortable with Phil. As hard as we tried to get back in the party mood, we felt too uncomfortable there to stay any longer, but we also didn’t want to just get up and desert Phil after he just rescued Jenny.

We asked him if he would like top come back to our house for a few more drinks. He was easily persuaded, so we left the dance club and headed to the parking lot. Jenny suggested that she ride with Phil so he wouldn’t get lost. “We’ll follow you home.” She said, as she hopped into Phil’s Escalade.

I must have lost them at a red light, or something, because I got home about ten minutes before they did. Enough time to start a fire and pour a few drinks. Jenny came through the door holding on to Phil’s muscular arm, laughing. Her face was flush, her hair was askew; again she had that devilish look.

My wife came up to me and gave me a big kiss. The moment our tongues touched I could tell she had been sucking on Phil’s cock. She must have known I could tell because she kind of smirked and walked over to get her and Phil’s drink. We all had a great time, Phil entertained us with stories of when he was overseas in the Marines.

It started to get very late; Phil said he had to get going. “Wait,” I said, “you’ve had too much to drink, please stay. We have a guest room. I insist.” After a little arguing, Jenny grabbed Phil’s keys, and said, “No more talk, you’re staying.”

“Ok,” Phil said, “Boy you two really know how to play hardball.” Jenny set Phil up in the guest room while I went back to our room to wait for her. She came through the door in about two minutes. I told her I was surprised that she didn’t take longer to tuck Phil in. Jenny looked at me kind of shocked and said, ”Why if I didn’t know better I’d think my husband was suggesting I go sleep with another man.”

She climbed up on the bed with me, and started to rub my cock through my boxers. “You like the way my lips taste after I’ve had another man’s cock in my mouth?” She asked.

“Yes! I said very breathlessly, I love the way you lips taste. I’d love it even more, if your pussy tasted that way too.” I could not believe that I heard myself saying that to my beautiful Jenny.

“You really want me to fuck Phil?” Jenny asked as she looked deeply into my eyes. “Yes!” the word slipped past my lips quickly.

She was still rubbing my cock, it was harder than it had been in months. “I’ll do it on one condition.” whispered Jenny. “If you allow me to tie you naked to our bedposts, I’ll consider sleeping with Phil tonight.” In a flash, I tore off my remaining cloths and spread my arms and legs out on the bad. Jenny quickly grabbed several of my neckties and fastened my hands and ankles to the bedposts.

Jenny looked down at me and said, “Phil didn’t cum in he car, so he’s probably ready to pop. Are you sure you want me to do this?” I nodded my head, my cock was semi-hard and pointing at the ceiling.

Jenny turned and took a step toward the guest room; then she stopped, turned, and said, “Just one more thing to make this really special.” I knew exactly what she wanted to do.

My wife walked over to the chest-of-drawers and took out the elastrator. With the device pointed upwards in her hand she walked up to the side of the bed. Jenny looked down at me with a slight smile as she armed the device with one of the smaller rubber bands. I was speechless as she bent down over me, grabbed my testicle sac and banded my balls. I drew in a sharp breath as the band squeezed my balls together tightly, painfully.

The game as on; we both knew it. Now the fate of my balls rested on the ability of my wife to bring off her lover quickly. If she delayed, I would end up castrated. Over this situation, I had no control.

She could tell by the concerned look on my face that I was worried. “It’s ok” she said, “I told you Phil will probably only last a few minutes, and I’ll come right back in and cut you loose. Besides, this way we are now both committed to carrying through with this.”

My beautiful Jenny then treated me to a thrill I shall never forget. She took two steps backward from the bed and kicked off her shoes, reached back behind her and unzipped her dress. Then she pulled the straps of the dress from her shoulders and allowed the dress to fall to the floor. She looked me in the eye as she stepped out of the dress; standing there in her lingerie. She was delicious; her white skin flush with sexual excitement, her blond hair framing her smiling face. Her white lingerie reminded me of our wedding night. My cock ached as much as my balls with that sight.

She looked at me directly, rubbed herself through the thin fabric of her panties and said, “God, I can’t wait to have a real man inside of me. It’s been so long since I’ve had a hard, powerful cock in me.”

Still looking me in the eye, Jenny turned her head to the side and unfastened her bra. That too fell to the floor. Her nipples had hardened to fine pink points. Silently, she turned away from me and clutched the waistband of her white lacy panties with her hands. In one motion she lowered her panties down her pearl white legs to her ankles; then spread her legs to give me and unobstructed view of her pussy. Her nether lips were full and prominent, they glistened from her moist desire.

She held herself like that for want seemed like minutes, but was only moments. Jenny allowed me that last look at her chaste pussy, my wife’s pussy, before she would cross that last taboo with her black lover. Before she would spread herself before him, take him inside of her, frantically fuck him, have him jet his cum inside of her, so that she could return to me and release my balls. Jenny walked to the doorway without turning back to look at me, in a second she turned out the light and closed the door.


I was alone, tied to the bed, my cock aching with desire, my balls banded in tremendous pain and in darkness. Involuntarily I began to shake against my bonds. I don’t know why, it must have been through a mixture of fear of castration, excitement of knowing Jenny was about to have sex with her lover and the pain from being banded so tightly.

Although Jenny closed the door behind her, the walls to our house are very thin. I knew I’d be able to hear everything. I heard the door to the guest room close, Jenny was in there with Phil standing before him in the nude. After several minutes of silence, I wondered if she would actually go through with it. Then I heard a loud thunk, and then another, and then another. It was the sound of the headboard hitting the wall in the guest room.

Soon after that started, I began to hear Jenny moan, first it sounded like, “Ow! Ow! Ow!” Then it changed to “Oh! Oh! Oh!” The tip of my cock dripped a few drops of precum as I listened to my wife get hammered by a big black stud, in the next room. After about five minutes, I heard Jenny scream out, “OH Phil! Oh Phil! I’m cumming.” She sounded like she was in pain. All I can remember was hearing her scream out like a woman in childbirth. Then, silence.

I waited for Jenny to come through our bedroom door, cut this evil band from around my balls, untie my arms and legs and finally give me some relief. But there was still silence. Then I heard it, I’ll never forget the feeling of helplessness and inadequacy I felt when I heard the headboard start thumping against the guest room wall again. As the banging got louder and louder, Jenny’s moans started again. Then I heard Phil alternately grunting as he speared my wife’s pussy over and over. My cock began to shrink, flopping on top of my aching balls. The pain was so intense that I began to see flashes of white.

The banging of the headboard, and Jenny’s screams, reached a crescendo. She once again screamed out her new lovers name as she exploded in multiple orgasms. This time, however, Phil did not slow down. The pounding of the headboard got faster and faster, until Phil grunted very loudly. Obviously, he was cumming inside my wife. Then, once again, there was silence.

Less than two minutes passed before Jenny walked back into our bedroom. She looked like I’d never seen her before: her skin was all pink and sweaty, her hair was wild, and she had a very satisfied look on her face. I pleaded with her to quickly cut the band from around my balls.

She slowly walked over to the nightstand, picked up the clippers, and got onto the bed with me. The smell of sex and His sperm filled my nostrils. She held the tips of the clippers next to the band and said, “Before I cut you loose, do you promise to do what ever I ask of you tonight?” “Yes!!” I said frantically, “I’ll do anything, just cut me free.” Jenny snipped the band and untied my arms and legs. As my legs were freed, I noticed that my balls didn’t burn like they did the other two times they were banded. That was a relief.

Jenny started stroking my soft cock, but it stayed soft. She then began to relate her story of how she went into Phil’s room, how he was surprised to see her. She said that as soon as she was in his room she joined him on the bed, reached for his cock and found it already rock hard. Jenny said Phil then picked her up like a little doll, and laid her on her back. After a few minutes of probing her with his unbelievable tongue, he slowly began to slide his enormous cock into her. Jenny noticed that my cock was neither responding to her stroking, nor her story, so she asked if hearing her recount how she was fucked was exciting to me.

“Yes, very much,” I implored. “I just need a few more minutes to recover.”

“Well” Jenny huffed, “I was hoping to be sitting on your hard cock by now. You know our deal Jack, if you can’t get me off with your dick, you’ve got to use your tongue.” With that, Jenny swung one leg over my head, and faced my feet, with one knee on either side of my head. The inside of her thighs were cold and wet . At first I thought it was from sweat, but then the realization hit me, it was Phil’s cum. Although we had never discussed it, I always thought Jenny would use a condom if she had sex with Phil. Now, I had Phil’s cold sperm on the sides of my face while I was staring up at Jenny’s red swollen pussy, dripping with what I could only imagine was a large quantity of Phil’s sexual release.

I started to say that I didn’t think I could eat another man’s cum when Jenny stopped me mid-sentence and reminded me that I promised to do what ever she asked. With that, she spread her knees a little to lower her pussy to my lips; as she did, a big glob of Phil’s sperm dripped out and landed in my open mouth. My wife then settled her cute little ass right down so my nose was right between her ass cheeks. I was suddenly nearly drenched in spunk. I had to swallow several times before I could stop and take a breath.

The awareness sunk in, this was not my wife’s love juices that were running down my throat. What I was drinking were the fluids of another man, his semen, his seed. Just a few minutes ago it was in his balls waiting to be pumped through his large black cock, into my wife’s willing vagina, only to wind up in my mouth, and finally in my stomach. “Mmm,” said Jenny, “your tongue feels so good, Jack. Make sure you get all of Phil’s cum out, you know what they say, the pill is only 99% effective. The way Phil filled me up, we don’t want to take a chance on that one percent.”

Not only did I lick my wife clean, I made sure she orgasmed, pushing out the last of Phil’s cum for me to swallow. When Jenny finally climbed off my face I noticed that, even though she’d been stroking my cock the whole time, I still hadn’t become erect. Maybe my balls needed more time to recuperate, I thought. Jenny seemed unconcerned. She stopped stroking my dick and said, “Jack, there’s one more thing I want you to do for me tonight.” “What’s that?” I responded.

“Pull up the covers, and go to sleep. Phil is expecting me back. I want to sleep with him tonight.” At that point, all I could do was nod my meager acceptance.
My wife then pulled my covers up, kissed me goodnight and returned, in the nude, to her new lover. I fell asleep to the taste of Phil’s cum in my mouth, my balls aching, sexually frustrated, and wondering if we/I had made some terrible mistake.
Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony (Part III)
By: Got2,

All rights reserved, repost by permission only


I awoke, Saturday morning, to the sound of the guest room headboard banging against the wall. Soon followed by the sounds of Jenny and Phil cumming very vocally. The sounds of my neighbor mowing his grass buzzed outside. I was thankful, otherwise, he would have heard my wife screaming out another man’s name as she was in the throws of her orgasm.

Just a while later I heard the shower turn on. Jenny came into our bedroom once more, “you don’t have to,” she said, looking down at me, “but I would love it if you would do what you did for me last night.” She must have taken my lack of response as a ‘yes’, because once again she was straddling my face, feeding me the fruits of her and Phil’s lovemaking.

She pushed the covers off the bed, since I was still naked, she began stroking my soft cock. “I don’t remember your cock being so tiny, Jack,” Jenny said. “Maybe it’s because it’s still soft.” She continued stroking me and reproached, “I hope you can get hard again and fuck me sometime. I’d hate to think of having to go to Phil every time I want a cock in my pussy. He’s so big it would stretch me out, I’d never be tight again.”

Hearing my wife admonishing me about my sexual prowess made me very horny. As hard as I tried, my soft little dick stayed limp. Limp and as small as a rigatoni in the hands of my beautiful wife. It was barely long enough to reach her third finger, the ring finger. Every once in a while I felt the head of my cock rub against her wedding ring. The second time my cock-head touched the ring I thought about our wedding vows and what they meant now. A shiver ran up my spine at the thought.

As I gazed up at the ceiling I resolved that I could still make her cum with my tongue. That, as her husband, I had a duty to give her pleasure. I grabbed her by the hips and turned her so she straddled my face in a 69 position. Jenny continued to rub my cock as I doubled my efforts to get her to cum for me. Her swollen pussy ground into my face I buried my tongue into her cum soaked folds. I licked and sucked as hard and fast as I could.

Suddenly I froze; there was a knock on our open door frame. I heard Phil’s voice call, “Thanks for last night. I’ll see you Tuesday.” I was mortified, Phil saw me on my back, licking his semen from my wife as she was holding my tiny limp white dick. I stopped my efforts, then, startled by the front door slamming. “Keep going Bill, you almost got me off,” Jenny said, as she lowered her pussy back down on my face. In less than a minute, Jenny’s ass shook violently as her orgasm swept over her. I kept my tongue lodged inside of her love tunnel as she came.

After she snuggled up against my shoulder for a while, Jenny out of the bed and asked if I wanted to join her in the shower. I told her I’d like that very much. As the warm water caressed our naked flesh, I expressed my feelings about being embarrassed by Phil this morning. “Don’t give it another thought” Jenny scoffed. “Phil knows you’re ok with me having sex with him, so what’s the big deal. It’s not like he’s going to tell everybody.”

Jenny started lathering up her petite little body, and said, “You deserve a treat Bill. You know how you’ve always wanted me to shave my pussy? Well let’s do it.” She handed me her razor and pushed down on my shoulder until I was looking straight at her furry little dark blond patch. “Go ahead” she said, “just be careful.”

Down on my knees I got a good up close look at my Jenny’s now adulterous pussy. The whole area was red and swollen. Her lips, which had always clenched together in a cute little pout, were now hanging open with a slight separation. Phil’s large cock had indeed stretched my wife open. With each pass of the razor, Jenny’s cute fuzzy hair that tickled my chin when licked her to orgasm, disappeared down the drain. The whole time I was shaving her I was wondered if I was doing it for me, or Phil.

By the time I finished, I had her as bald as a pre-teen girl. She looked more naked and sexually available, without her pubic bush, than I had ever seen a woman. While I had all the desire to take her there, my penis hung limp and shamefully useless.

Jenny stood in front of the mirror and commented, “Good work. This will be one of your jobs from now on.” I took note of the word ‘job’.

She turned toward me and pressed herself into me as we hugged and kissed. My soft cock and pubic hair made contact with her denuded pubic mound. “Ohoo,” she whispered in my ear. “You need to be shaved too.”

Within moments, Jenny had me lying over a towel on our bed with my legs spread. She got my shaving kit and lathered up my cock and balls. I closed my eyes and listened to the sound of the razor ‘hiss’ as it removed my masculine hair with each stroke of Jenny’s hand. She took great care when she got to my ball sac. She held my balls with gently as she passed the razor over that vulnerable area. Still, after all the time that had passed since they were banded, my testicles were tender and sensitive to the touch.

When she was finished, Jenny wiped my parts clean with a towel. When I stood up and looked down to find that I had been transformed into a pre-pubescent boy. The depleted look made my cock look even smaller than before; my ball sac seemed to have shrunk even further.

Jenny let out a chuckle and pressed her index finger down on the head of my cock. She was actually able to push my entire cock, now just 2 and a half inches long, inside of me. She laughed when my shamed cock barely popped back out.

“There,” still chuckling she said, “don’t you look like a cute little boy”. I looked down as my face turned red. “I think you should shave it from now on and keep it that way,” she said as she ran her fingers down my spine and laughed. It was not a suggestion; it was an order.
Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony (Part IV)
By: Got2,

All rights reserved, repost by permission only


The next few weeks passed by very uneventfully. Jenny required, as part of my new ‘job’ that I shave her ever other day. Sometimes I would kneel in the shower and shave her, other times she preferred to spread herself out on our bed on top of a towel. It was always a tender moment for me to shave Jenny on our bed.

I liked to shave her on our bed, spread before me, my wife’s gorgeous firm pale white body with her adulterous pussy open for my attention. The place she barred me from cuming inside of, the place I could no longer get hard enough to access. It was beautiful. I could tell Jenny was excited when I shaved her like that because her pussy lips would become full with arousal. Those lips looked ever more stretched out each week that passed. In fact, Jenny how had a noticeable gap between her lips even when she was not aroused. Phil’s ample cock was creating a permanent stretching effect on my Jenny’s pussy. Yet, I thought her pussy was more beautiful will this new ‘pouty’ look; it made her look more open and ready for sex.

Along with my new job came other responsibilities. Of course, I had to keep my sexual organs shaved. I did this on my own every day. Jenny would inspect me there on a random basis. Any hair she discovered, even the slightest stubble, she would use tweezers on me and pluck it out. After the second such ‘correction,’ I resolved never to go under the tweezers again.

My other new job was to shop for and prepare Jenny’s ‘Tuesday Lingerie’, as we called it. On the Monday morning following Jenny’s sexual tryst with Phil, she presented me with a list of lingerie items that I was to buy at the mall. “Don’t get too excited,” Jenny instructed, “these will be for Phil’s pleasure only.” When she saw the confused look on my face, she went on to explain, “Since I will be having sex with Phil on a regular basis now, I want to look my sexiest for him. I want you to buy these sexy things for me as a sign that you accept Phil’s sexual relationship with me. Plus, I think you will some excitement out of buying lingerie that my lover and I will use”

Of course, Jenny was right; I was thrilled to be shopping her. Once I knew her size, she’d send me out to surprise her with my selection. Garter belts, thongs, little teddies, anything that delighted my imagination in the store as I visualized Jenny and Phil having sex in, I bought on the spot. I bought only white, pink and red colored outfits.

Sheer, lacy white outfits gave Jenny that innocent, virginal, look. The pink bras and pink panty sets gave Jenny that petite, soft, tender appeal. Red teddies, red garters and red panties for that ‘fuck me, I’m hot’ look. I left out black outfits because I figured that Phil’s ebony skin was all the contrast Jenny’s pearl white skin needed. The color selection was the only real influence that I was able to exert over Jenny and Phil’s sexual liaisons.

I had to shop frequently because most garments did not last more than one sexual encounter. I took all the ripped thong straps, broken and bent teddy fasteners and ripped bras as a sign of Phil’s approval of my taste. Jenny mentioned his powerful hands tearing her out of her lingerie just moments after she removed her cloths. I made sure to get a good whiff of each garment after its use; delighting in the thoughts of how they acquired their musky scent of sex.

As for our marital sex life, I was able to obtain a soft/medium erection, enough for Jenny to give me a blowjob, but still not hard enough to have intercourse. While I yearned to spread her legs and take her; to slide my cock inside where her black lover had been, I realized that I would be embarrassing myself with my small cock. Each time engaged in mutual oral sex, the feeling of embarrassment over my sexual inadequacy built to the point where the anxiety over poor performance outweighed my desire to penetrate my wife. Within less than a month, I chose to not even attempt sexual penetration with my semi-soft little dick. However, Jenny seemed happy with the situation; she was getting all the sex she wanted from Phil. ‘As long as she was happy,’ I reasoned, ‘then I would be happy and accept the situation too.’


After a few months passed, Jenny told me she wanted to throw Gina a surprise birthday party. We made all the preparations, sent out e-mail invitations to everyone invited. The guest list was small: Kim, Bob, Reggie, Curt, and Phil. We decided to hold it at Kim and Bob’s house because it was very secluded; tucked back in the country. It would be easy to get Gina over to Kim’s house without a big to do.

We arrived early to help set up. About a half hour before the rest of the guests started to show up, Phil called and said he was having car trouble and wouldn’t be able to make it. Bob offered to go pick him up but Jenny said, “No Bob, why don’t you and Bill stay and help Kim set up. I’ll go get Phil. We’ll both be right back.”

She grabbed her keys, and took off out the door. As we were setting up, Kim came over to me, and whispered. “How did you like the surprise I got for you and Jenny at the adult toy store?” I was a little uneasy talking to her about this; I managed to reply, “We like it. Thank you. My eyes were down-cast; I could not face looking Kim in the eye.

“Jenny says she’s been using it on you every night,” Kim continued interrogating. “What’s wrong Bill? Trouble getting a stiffie?” Even though I was looking at my feet, I could tell Kim had a smirk on her face. Once, years earlier, I had fantasized about taking Kim, with her pert firm breasts, throwing her feet over my shoulders and banging her hard and fast to see those titts really giggle. All I could do now was swallow hard and walk away embarrassed.

The other guests started arriving at the party but Jenny and Phil still had not returned. Finally, Kim saw Gina’s car pull into the driveway, she whispered to everyone to go into the other room and be quiet. When Kim gave us the signal, we all ran out and yelled, “Surprise! “Happy Birthday!”

Gina was surprised and very happy, especially when Curt and Reggie were sandwiching her with birthday kisses. Gina came up to me, gave me a big kiss, and asked where Jenny was. I told her that she went to pick up Phil about an hour ago. “I hope she gets back here in time for the cake,” Gina replied, before wedging herself back between her two boyfriends.

Bob walked over to me and handed me a drink and urged me to join the party over at the bar. “Maybe in a minute”, I said, “I’ll wait here by the door and see if my wife needs any help carrying things in when she gets here.”

I stood there for about twenty minutes before Gina came back over to me and said sympathetically, “I guess that was the part my ex-husband hated the most about being a cuckold. The waiting I mean.”

Her use of that word, ‘cuckold,’ shocked me. I mean I’d never thought about it, but, I guess I was a cuckold. Every person at the party knew my wife was at Phil’s house, just ten minutes away, and that she was screwing his brains out.

“You seem to be handling it a lot better than my husband Joe did,” Gina continued. “Jenny tells me that it was your idea that she start seeing Phil. Although, she takes credit for getting you to eat her creampie though.” I was mortified at the thought of Jenny telling her girlfriends about this aspect of our lovemaking. I didn’t answer at all.

We stood there silently for a moment before Gina turned to go back to the party. She gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said softly, “Come on back to the party, Jenny will be back soon.”

I waited another half hour at the door, then went to join the others. When I got to the bar, Reggie was the only one that was there. I asked him were everyone went, he said that Bob was paying up on a bet he made with his wife, and that Gina and Curt went in to watch. I asked him why he didn’t go with them, and he said, “Not my bag man. But if you want to go watch, be my guest, they’re right through that door.”

I walked into the parlor, which was a large room with a grand piano and a fireplace. I was shocked to see Bob, kneeling on the floor, sucking on his wife’s large black strap on dildo. I just stopped in my tracks and stared for a moment. Gina saw me and motioned to me to sit next to her on the sofa. It would have made more of a scene if I left the room, so I sat next to Gina and watched Bob give oral service to Kim’s dildo cock.

I looked toward Gina and found that she had Curt’s cock out and was slowly stroking his massive erection. Gina saw me looking at Curt’s erection, leaned over and whispered in my ear, “It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Jenny tells me that Phil’s is even bigger.”

Just then, I heard a car door shut, I leapt up off the sofa and headed toward the front door to meet my wife. However, she and Phil had already made it into the house. They met me at the door to the parlor. “Wow Jack,” laughed Jenny, “looks like you’ve had quite a little show going on for you.”

I knew that she could see Kim fucking her husbands face with the dildo behind me, but, what I didn’t know was that Gina had began to suck on Curt’s cock as well. “If I knew you liked to watch so much,” my wife continued, “I would have asked you to come to Phil’s house with me.” I felt completely embarrassed and totally left out.

Jenny, Phil, and I walked back into the bar area, leaving the oral sex show interrupted. We joined Reggie and found there were only three stools at the bar. My wife seated herself between Reggie, and Phil. With nowhere else to sit, I went and stood behind the bar. Jenny said in her most sexy voice,”Excuse me bartender, but could you get some drinks for my two men and me?” Her sexy
voice was comforting music to my ears.

I poured them all drinks as Jenny began asking Reggie how he felt about sharing Gina with Curt. Reggie replied, “It’s only sex. None of us wants to get into a serious relationship, so it’s all good. I’ve shared women with a couple guys, including Phil.”

“Really!” Jenny gushed, poking Phil in the ribs. “You never told me about that. Who was she?” Phil brushed the hair out of her eyes, and said, “Oh nobody you know, just another married white woman looking for some big black dick.”

“Welcome to the party, you little slut!” Gina exclaimed, as she walked back into the room. “Happy birthday”, Jenny hooted as she went over to give her friend a hug and kiss.

She stopped short, and said, “Gina, you’ve got some; you know what on your cheek.” Jenny was referring to a big lob of Curt’s cum.

“Where?” Asked Gina, as she reached for a bar napkin. “Here, let me get it for you,” said Jenny, as she leaned in and licked it off her friends face.

“Ew! You girls are nasty”, said Reggie.

Jenny turned, took two steps over to me and pulled my head toward her so she could give me a French kiss. As she did, she pushed the glob of cum and a big wad of spit into my mouth. “See, I told you he liked it,” my wife said to her friends. The all burst out in laughter and snickers as I dutifully swallowed that gooey goober of a kiss. I played along, realizing that Jenny wanted to show off my ‘skils’ to her friends. The alcohol was having its effect.

Kim came into the room still wearing the obscene ten-inch life like dildo around her waist over her pantsuit, and said, “I’m glad you found your way back to the party Jenny, but who’s that behind the bar? That’s my job.”

Kim walked behind the bar toward me; her dildo was sticking straight at me. The other girls were giggling at us as she told me that if she and I were going to bartend together, she wanted me to know who was boss. Kim and I are about the same height, so she was looking me straight in the eye when she put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me down.

Gina looked over the bar to see what I would do, but Kim said, “No peeking”, and held her hand up, to stop her. “Go on Jack, suck it if you want to be my helper,” Kim demanded of me. I just froze with humiliation, I couldn’t move, so Kim moved for me.

She started rocking back and forth in front of me, like she was fucking my mouth. I had my mouth closed, but the dildo still brushed up against my lips a couple of times. Kim kept pumping her hips, and saying what a good job I was doing sucking her cock.

Kneeling down there behind the bar, the only thing I could really see was that huge dildo cock waving in my face. From that vantage point, it looked menecingly large. Like a black baton waving at me to submit. I thought of my Jenny, kneeling similarly before Phil and his black phalus, submiting to his needs, servicing his black manhood.

Then, Kim grunted, tilted her head back, thrust her hips into my face, and mocked having an orgasm. The room was silent as she put on her show. After she finished performing she ordered me to, “swallow it all like a good boy.” When she was through with this spectacle, she gave me premission to stand up.

Slowly, I complied. My face red from embarrassment, my heart pounding in my chest, my head finally cleared the bar counter and I straightened my legs. Everyone gave us a big round of applause, mixed with laughter. Jenny came around and thanked me for being such a good sport. From the look in her eyes, I could tell she meant it. Of course, we both knew I would not have made a scene and risk ruining her party for Gina.

Phil asked Kim what happened to Bob. She told him that she wore him out and he went upstairs to bed. Poor guy was probably too mortified to continue with the party.

Jenny then spoke up and said, “This has been a rather exhausting day for me also. Phil has to get up early to take care of his car problem, so I think Jack and I will be taking Phil home.”

We said our goodbyes and the three of us piled into our car. Phil sat in the back as Jenny, to my surprise, sat with me in the front as I drove. I wasn’t even out of the driveway when Jenny had my cock out of my pants, stroked it, with her tongue in my ear. My cock got half hard, which is as hard as it ever gets anymore, and Jenny told me how she thought I was the sexiest husband ever. I beamed with delight, I had felt so alone and embarrassed at the party.

As I was about to turn onto the highway, I turned to my wife, and asked her which direction I should turn to get to Phil’s house.

“What are you talking about Bill?” said as she pulled away from me. “When I told everyone at the party we were bringing Phil home, I meant to our home.” Jenny then turned to Phil, and asked if we could help him take care of his car in the morning, to which he quickly agreed.

I gripped the steering wheel a little harder as I realized that, once again that night, I had been set up. Phil had not spent the night at our home in months, since the night he and Jenny had sex for the first time. I knew the night’s activities were not over yet. A cold chill ran down my spine as Jenny worked her fingers down my cock shaft to caress my testicles with her fingernails.
Here it comes... Part V
In other reviews most people find this chapter to be the most erotic. Enjoy! :)

Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony (Part V)
By: Got2,

All rights reserved, repost by permission only

When we got home, Phil asked if he could take a quick shower. Jenny chimed in, saying that she would love to join him in the shower. Phil put his thick muscular arm around Jenny’s shoulder while they dashed ahead. In the mean time, I brought everything in from the car. They were in the shower by the time I got in the house so I went up to our room and relaxed on the bed. I must have dozed off because the next thing I remember was my wife was leaning over me in a towel, shaking me awake.

“Jack,” she asked, “would you mind terribly if Phil and I used the master bedroom tonight?” She picked up my my right hand, it was lying to the side of the bed, put my index finger in her mouth and sucked on it. After a moment, she stopped, and implored softly, “this bed is much bigger. Phil sometimes flips me around a bit, in this bed I won’t fall off.”

I figured I would use this opertunity to push things a little farther. I told her I was hoping that I might finally be able to watch her and Phil make love. I promised that whenever they wanted me to, I would retire to the guest room and give them their privacy.

“Jack, you little pervert,” Jenny snorted, “Phil said you might want to watch, but I didn’t believe him.”

“Please,” I begged, “I’ll do what ever you ask. I just want to see you when you are experiencing those huge orgasms which I hear through the walls.”

“Ok Bill,” Jenny quickly responded, “but you have to stay put. That means I want to restrain you. Are you alright with that?”

“I’m fine with that,” I said reflexivly. I was ecstatic with the prospect of finally being able to watch my beautiful blond wife impale herself on Phil’s monstrous black member. To actually be in the room to wittness my wife and her lover take each other with lustful abandon. To be a wittness to my wife’s adulterous affair, nothing left the the imagination.

Jenny ushered me over to a chair near the bed and directed me to strip down to my boxers. She reached into her drawer and pulled out a pair of handcuffs that we hadn’t played with in years. “This should do the trick,” Jenny pronounced as she clicked the handcuffs closed around my wrists. My arms were now positioned through the back of the chair, my wrists locked together.

Jenny whispered in my ear, “you know what I’d like to do.” She stuck the tip of her tongue in my ear, sending small jolts of pleasure down my spine. Her warm breasts presed into my shoulder and chest. Then, she propositioned,“What I’d really like to do is put the elastrator on you while you watch. Have those balls
under control while Phil and I do it.”

“No!” I blurted out, “I can barely get an erection now, I’m afraid that if I do it again, that I’ll never get hard again.

“I know”, Jenny said as she softened her tone. “I’ve been talking to Kim at work about your condition. She thinks we’ve crushed some of the blood vessels that make your cock become erect.” My knees went weak at this stark revelation.

“Let’s face it Bill,” Jenny continued in a bitchy tone. “You and I haven’t had intercourse in almost six months. You seem to be very happy servicing me with your tongue, and I know you jerk off to the sounds of Phil fucking me here in the afternoon.”

“I don’t know Jenny”, I responded sheepshly. “I don’t think we should use that thing again.” I was begging Jenny, yet my mind could not summon words of strength.

“Have it your way my love,” Jenny said wistfuly. Then she picked up the keys to the handcuffs and went to unlock them.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Jenny looked at me very sternly, and said disaprovingly, “Look Jack, I’m not sure if I want you in here while Phil and I are making love. To become an object of your crude sexual delight. But, I would be willing to go along if you would put the elastrator band on as a sign of restraint.”

She smirked, continueing, “I know we’ve been slowly taking away your erections. We both have known that.” “To be honest,” her voice softened again, “it turns me on to have a limp-dicked husband who has to turn me over to my black lover to give me the fucking he can’t.”

I thought about it, after a few seconds of foggy reasoning, I realized she was right. I wanted her to be with Phil; I needed to be in the room to see it happening. “Ok,” I sighed, you can put that thing on me.”

“Goody,” Jenny squealed as she ran to her dresser to get the elastrator.
“Phil always uses the bathroom after he cums,” Jenny said as she fit the band onto the instrument. “As soon as he leaves the room, I promise I’ll snip this thing off you.”

She lowered my boxers just enough to get to my balls. Then she pulled my ball sac towards her and fit the elastrator band around my streached balls. She snaped the band in place with an audible ‘click’. My testicles felt more numb than pain this time around.

“There we go, now let’s cover up your little equipment so you don’t embarrass us both” she cooed as she pulled my boxers back up. “Just one more thing,” she ominously added.

My wife produced a ball gag, which I didn’t even know we owned, and said, “if you have any last words, say them now. I don’t want any interruptions once Phil and I get started.” After a silent pause, she put the gag in my mouth, tightened the strap around the back of my head, then left the room to get Phil. Even though I was tied, banded and gaged, I was burning with anticipation.

Jenny led Phil back into our bedroom by his semi hard cock. The both wore nothing but broad smiles. Even in its soft condition, my wife could barely wrap her hand around Phil’s manhood. My attention focused on her hand grasping his cock. Her wedding and engagement rings on this hand, sparkling on her finger, stood out in contrast to Phil’s thick dark black cock and thick black patch of pubic hair. His circumcised glans was only a shade slightly less dark than the shaft. His large balls hung low and prominent in their ebony sac. The size of his balls suggested a large volume of manly emission.

“You weren’t kidding.” Phil remarked as he was led into the room, obviously referring to me handcuffed to the chair. He didn’t bother speaking to me as he could see I couldn’t answer with the ball gag in my mouth.What he couldn’t see, thankfully, was the elastrator band around my balls.

Jenny led Phil over to our bed and had him sit down. She then fell to her knees, took this ebony shaft into her hand and kissed it as though it were a sacred object. Jenny then began licking up and down his rapidly hardening cock, every once in a while stopping to take as much of his huge ball sac into her little red lip sticked mouth.

Once she had Phil’s cock hard, she started plunging her mouth down as far on the shaft as she could. She was actually deep throating him, something she could have easily done with me, but never tried. My wife was giving her stud a very wet blowjob. There was so much saliva that it looked as if he had already cum. His whole cock and her hand were completely glazed in her spit.

Phil then reached down, caressed her breasts with his large black hands and motioned Jenny to stand. He then drew his muscled arms around her waist and sat her down on his lap. Jenny now had her back toward me, Phil’s face was obscured by her chest.

I watched my wife reach down between her legs and position Phil’s thick erect manhood, so it was at her pussy lips. The tip of his ebony spear just barely parting the pink lips of her entrence; that heavenly temple of love that should have been mine exclusivly by marrage. An instant later, the bulbus glans of Phil's manhood dissapeared into Jenny's parted lips. The lover now merged as one.

Jenny then began to rise and fall ever so slightly on Phil’s large phallus, taking just a few inches in at a time. Every once in a while, she would tremble, her little white feet would curl up so I could see her bright red toe nail polish. She was making sounds like a kitten as she rode Phil’s behemoth cock. From this vantage, I was treated to a perfect view of Phil’s thick cock splitting her open, her now thick pussy lips caressing his shaft as she traveled down his cock to his heavy balls.

Just as she seemed to be starting to tire out, Phil, once again, circled his arms around my wife, picked her up, turned her around and laid her down on the bed on her back. He accomplished all this without removing his cock from her dripping hot pussy. Phil’s body dwarfed Jenny’s little white frame as he positioned himself on top of her. His rippling back muscles gave him the look of a Silverback.

Then he ever so sensuously began kissing my wife; probing deep into her mouth with his tongue. While he had her in dreamland with his tongue in her mouth, he began slowly sliding more and more of his hot hard black cock into little Jenny’s tight white married pussy. Deeper and deeper he tunnled into her depths until the root of his cock made contact with her clit, his balls pressed against her bottom cheeks. Jenny threw her head to the side and expelled a thunderous “Oh!” as she spread her pearl white legs as far as they could go.

Once their kiss broke, I could hear my wife continue to moan, “Oh, oh, oh,” then “ow, ow, ow”. I felt like running to my wife’s rescue, but I was helplessly shackled to the chair. From my vantage point, I could see her little pussy lips being stretched so much as his cock penetrated her deeply, I can presume it must have hurt. Yet, all I could do was watch as Phil started to pick up speed, gripped her harder and thrust into Jenny faster and harder. I couldn’t help but think she looked like a baby beneath Phil’s massive body.

The musky scent of sex filled the room as Phil began his cum stroke. As if sensing her Black Stallion was about to cum, my wife hooked her tiny heels behind her lovers ass and locked him in deep as he began to cum. Phil threw his head back and jeted his hot seed into her. Moments later, my Jenny convulsed in her own orgasm, wriggling under Phil as he pressed into her. Their bodies spasming with pleasure as Phil’s cock pulsed inside of Jenny’s quivering pussy. The sounds of their orgasmic bliss echoing off the bedroom walls.

They lay there, after their mutual climax, entertwined for a minute while their resparation returned to normal. Slowly, they engaged in another soul kiss as Phil’s now softening cock slowly withdrew from Jenny. It made an audible wet slurping sound as it exited her feminine folds. As he got off the bed, I saw his cock dripping with the juices of their lovemaking as he strode past me to the bathroom.

Jenny gradually came back down to earth, streached her strained muscles and made her way over to me. Silently, she picked up her clippers from the drawer and removed the ball gag. Then with a smirk and a whispered giggle, she pulled down my boxer shorts and said, “Ok little one. You’re free” as she clipped the elastrator band. Tears filled my eyes from the pain of release and emotions of what I had just witnessed.

She asked how I liked the show. “Very much,” I answered. She removed the handcuffs and brought me to the bed. I laid down on my back, directly over the wet spot produced by their sexual union. My beautiful Jenny, her skin flushed pink, squatted over my face. Her bald sex lips were still open, leaking a trail of Phil’s semen. I knew what she required, so I greedily licked and sucked her ravaged adulterous pussy clean of her black lover’s masculine discharge.

As I was performing this task for her, Jenny stroked my now permanently soft cock. Once more, the tears returned as my cock failed to respond to my wife’s attentions. I was beyond mortified at this point. Not only had I witnessed my wife’s lover’s enormous ebony manhood and the skill with which he wielded it as a tool of love; I was no longer able to arouse myself as a man from my wife’s efforts.

When she was satisfied with my task, Jenny tossed aside my limp prick as though it were a used tissue. I flinched when my soft cock bumped my now sensitive ball sac. The entire area was so sensitive that both balls felt as though they were one. Jenny draped a robe over her shoulders and motioned, “Follow me, cuckold,” she teased “there’s a surprise waiting for you.” After I summoned the courage to get up from the bed, she led me into the guest room.

I was shocked to find her friend Kim in there. She was wearing a sheer see through pink silk kimono, parted down the center to reveal skin and clevage. She was topless, her pert and firm breasts were clearly and invitingly visible. Her pussy was covered by a skimpy red thong that rested high on her curvy hips. While the lust in my quickly built, my cock responded painfully to the increased blood flow.

“Phil and I are going to spend the night screwing our asses off in the master bedroom,” Jenny declared. “Kim offered to come over and keep you company.” She then kissed me goodnight on the cheek, turned and left the room without further explanation.
Her Black Lover, My Blissful Agony (Part VI)
By: Got2,

All rights reserved, repost by permission only

“Phil and I are going to spend the night screwing our asses off in the master bedroom,” Jenny declared. “Kim offered to come over and keep you company.” She then kissed me goodnight on the cheek, turned and left the room without further explanation.

I was a little embarrassed standing stark naked in front of my wife’s friend; the woman I once fantasized about screwing. Kim comforted me with a smile and said, “Come sit next to me on the bed Bill,” as she patted the mattress next to her.

My balls were still a little purple and my penis had shrunk to the size of an acorn, I felt absolutely no male prowess as I sat next to this sexually captivating woman. My diminutive male equipment disgraced my self image of a virile man. Kim looked me in the eye and said, “Jenny told me she’s been using an elastrator on you. I think I can help make you feel better.” It still shocked me that Jenny had told Kim everything about our private sex life.

She pushed me back on the bed, cupped my entire male sexual equipment in the palm of her right hand and gently started to massage my balls. She pressed close to me and whispered into my ear, “no need to be ashamed of your little parts, I know what they’ve been through.” I let out a sigh of relief as she continued, “these feel very full,” Kim teased, as her fingers gently fondled my aching balls. “When was the last time you emptied them?”

I told her that I hadn’t cum in about a week. She reached into a bag that she had on the bed and pulled out some KY jelly. “Just relax,” Kim soothed, “this will help relieve some tension.” She then motioned me to stand up and turn my back to her.

I flinched as she applied the lube to my ass hole and started to slowly insert a finger. She stopped, then reached back into the bag and pulled out a prostate dildo like the one my wife had used on me a few weeks earlier. “I told Jenny,” Kim said, “If she’s going to cuckold you, she can’t neglect your need to ejaculate.”

She placed the tip of the dildo near my anus and said, “Relax Jack, you’ll get used to it. It’s the only way my husband Bob gets to come anymore.”

“Do you cuckold Bob?” I asked, somewhat shocked.

“No Jack, I have no interest in submitting to another man. I do, however, get off on men giving me oral, and taking it up the ass.” Kim answered. As she was telling me this, she was lowly inserting the dildo until it had reached its desired location on my prostate.

I started to feel that urge to pee sensation as Kim worked her dildo in and out of my ass, at the same time as I heard my wife and Phil in the other room beginning to fuck once again.

Kim gave me a crooked little smirk as she listened in on my wife and her black stud go at it in the other room. “Jenny tells me that Phil’s cock is as big as her fore arm. Is that true?” Kim asked. I nodded yes. Then, Kim asked me to hold onto my knees, to give her better access so she could properly milk my balls of their semen. I can’t begin to express my humiliation of being ass fucked by Jenny’s friend while we both listened to her call out Phil’s name and cry out in orgasmic bliss.

Before I had known that it had happened, my soft little cock had dribbled out its small whitish offering onto my belly. Kim picked up a spoon she had in her bag and scooped it up, “open wide, Jacky” she said, as she fed me my sperm. “Ooops, and you might as well get this too,” she said, as she scraped my cheek to get what was left of my wife, and Phil’s cum cocktail that had been smeared on my face.

As I was swallowing the spoonful of goo that Kim was feeding me, I could hear the sounds of my petite blond wife, in the other room, being impaled over and over by Phil’s huge black spear. Her squeals of joy intermixed with the sounds of the mattress of our marital bed squeaking from their lovemaking exertions.

She began to beg him to cum inside of her, bellowing, “fill me with your cum! Knock me up Phil, I want your baby.” I was so stunned that my whole body shook. Then paralysis set in. I looked up at Kim; she was covering her mouth in surprise. A moment later she said, “You didn’t know Bill? Oh my god! Jenny didn’t tell you that she was trying to get pregnant? Everyone at work knows, she told us all that she stopped taking her birth control pills months ago, right around the same time that you stopped getting erections.” Of course, it was also the same time my Jenny and Phil started having sex.

My muscles stiffened at the thought of the shame that I would publicly endure having my very light skinned blond wife, and myself, raising a black baby. Phil’s deep baritone grunting replaced my wife moans as my mind registered that he was, once again, filling her unprotected fertile pussy with his seed. Instead of reacting, my mind just sort circuited.

At the same time, the lovely, warm Kim continued to stroke my soft dick. Her legs intertwined with mine as she twisted the dildo ever so slightly in my ass. Softly whispering in my ear, she said, “Now see, if you had a hard on right now, you’d be outraged by another man filling your fertile wife with his cum, right?” I nodded in reluctant agreement, my mind was emotionally blank.

She pressed her breasts against my chest as she continued, “It’s a good thing I explained to Jenny how to use that elastrator, to crush the blood vassals in your scrotum that would prevent you from becoming erect, huh? But don’t worry, Jenny and I will always make sure you get to cum.” I was too emotionally spent to react to this final revelation: it was Kim who had instructed my wife, conspired with my wife, to have me effectively emasculated so to remove any jealousy I might have over her adulterous affair. My paralysis broke as my body began to quiver with shock.

As I began so shake, Kim, once again, worked the dildo in and out of my ass. Uncontrollably, that now familiar feeling returned. Reflexibly, I came without an orgasm. “That’s a good little boy,” said Kim as she helped squeeze the last drop of cum from my limp penis. She then brought the small release of my seed, which she had caught in her hand, to my face.

All I could do was lick my cum from her palm and fingers. Tears filled my eyes as I licked my own cum as I thought of Phil’s black seed, his sperm, making their way toward my Jenny’s egg. When I was finished with my task, Kim pulled up against me and allowed me to burry my face in her breasts. As I broke down and sobbed, she held me close and said, “I won’t leave you tonight. Jenny asked me to stay the night with you. I know this is a lot to bear at one time.”

Then she lifted my head up and looked me in the eye, “there is one more thing. Jenny wants to be alone with Phil tomorrow the entire day. It’s also Phil’s night to find out that Jenny wants to have his baby. Jenny wants to be with Phil tomorrow so they can talk it over; they may even go shopping together for a ring.”

I was too emotionally exhausted for any of this to sink in. I simply put my head down between Kim’s bare breasts and sobbed myself to sleep. My limp, useless cock pressed against the thin panty fabric of my wife’s friend whom I had once desired to fuck so much.
The next chapter will be for Jack to be taken to the doctor to examin the damage that has already been done to his testicles. He will find that they have been damaged beyond repair. Phil and Jenny will also have their own surprise....an ownership proposal by Phil to own Jenny as his 'Partner'...there will be a little ceremony to go with that.
You are the best, I have read many stories on different sites and none of those cuckold stories come close to yours. I love your layered approach to this story. For the ending I love to see Phil move into Jenny's house after Jenny successfully gets pregnant with Phil's baby. Maybe Jack could become a greater part of his wife's love life when Phil is away on a business. Jenny could make a mold of Phil's cock and make a hollow strap on with it. Jack could be made to wear the strap on to serve his wife while Phil is away. I really hope Jack and Jenny do not get divorced. However to signify Phil's position as the alpha male Jenny should wear her wedding ring on a different finger and wear Phil's ring on her left hand wedding ring finger