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On a recent trip to Cabo my wife had a little too much sun and booze. A nice young black man in his early 20’s offered to help me get her back to our suite. She gave him a quick kiss on the lips as a thank-you. However, he kept his hands on her waist after the kiss was over. After a few awkward moments, my wife looked at me and then looked back at him. She stood on her toes and kissed him again, this time with much more passion. They fell on to the bed and my wife started to pull away but his hand found its way into her bikini bottoms. As he massaged her pussy, my wife started to moan. In about one minute he got on top of her and moved her bikini crotch to the side. He took his cock out of his swim suit and I remember almost fainting at the sight of my wife spreading her legs wide as I watched this young man’s engorged black cock easily slide inside my wife’s pussy. This is an activity that we had never done before and it was the most sexually charged event we had ever had. I watched them make love for about 20 minutes in different positions, my wife totally lost into the moment. It ended with him back on top of her with her ankles pinned on either side of her head. He really began to pile-drive her when my wife started moving her head from side to side in a wild fashion when she suddenly cried out, “Fuck me!” several times. He immediately shot his load deep into my wife as she came. She got up and stumbled to the shower. He got dressed and left. When my wife came back in she asked where he went. When I said he left she said, “Go find him.”. I did what I was told and I asked him back to our room. When we got back, my wife was totally naked and laying on top of the bed. She looked at him and said, “Do me again.”. Of course, being in his 20’s, he obliged. I watched them for quite a while as they did everything in the book, including my wife allowing him to make love to her in her shapely bottom. He had already made her cum twice more, so he finally ended their session by cumming in my wife’s ass. The sound of his hips hitting her fanny as he came was erotically loud and sensuous. Enough that I made myself cum all over the floor as he was loading her bottom with his semen. Since that trip we have not become swingers, but my wife has taken another man to our bed since that time.