How old are you? My wife and I always wanted to adopt
Hi, I am 24 yrs old age, I am a young big boy, well saying that because I am alone, meaning, I have nothing like parents or family member , I grow in a orphanage, but now leaviong on my own, working part time job, also had a small career as a soccer player but no future for that, I am a young Bull who wish to discover a new life, I wish to join and form a trio, or share my life with the wife of a sisy who will take me as his partner, friend, son , add me to the family.
I wish a simple and open life, where I can express my feeling, such as going to new places, meet new peoples, share sexful fun life, open my self, socialize my self.
Life is little bit hard here, as I still strugle, this can help me start a new life
If the couples, the wife or sissy will take in consideration of helping me find a job, become a man in life
I am here to meet real and serious ambition partner who can understand this
I am not asking or expecting any money.. life , joy happiness is better and greater than what ever
its not much to move out of Cameroon., but to where? I have no one out of Cameroon who can welcome me ...
waiting to read from you