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Help me interpret this

My wife and I both got into the cuckolding lifestyle after I found out she had cheated on me. Our sex was amazing after she told me about it, and after extensive fantasizing for a year and a half that she was for the most part initiating, we finally brought in a 3rd person and I watched and then participated. I have never seen her cum so hard or so many times. She was like a wild animal. and everything went great.

Suddenly about a week after that experience she then shut down almost completely. It is just straight missionary sex. she doesn't want to discuss or talk about anything kinky anymore. there has been a 180 degree turn around. At first I thought maybe she was stepping out but that was more than a year ago and i've found no proof of that.

please help me interpret this reaction.


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Possibly that 3rd person had something to do with it. He may have requested or even demanded that she do some things she didn't want to do. Its not uncommon for the Bull male to try to take a controling position in these kind of relationships. I'd start there, if its still a concern to you ... don't think its anything YOU did. Mac
My wife and I lightly talked about it and her concern is that I would view her as "used goods". She was in an abusive relationship when she was 18 for about 2 years and I have just spent allot of time reassuring her. It can be a very hard thing to do but I found pictures recently of her and she knows the type of stuff I have been looking at for the last few years and also that I have access to her email.

It took sevreal years to build my wifes confidence up. I also found it highly erotic to find the pictures and did lightly hint toward my wife I would not mind the thought of her with black guys.

As Mac says bulls can be aggressive. People are people and most have their underlying problems this kind of lifestyle requires allot of patience and understanding. Im not sure what timelines were in between her infidelity and the lifestyle change but the sheer fact she cheated might also mean allot to her because before she recieved your response conventionally its drilled into people its the wrong thing to do. Familes underpin the fabric of society those morals run deep.

She might be thinking she needs to put your relationship over a fantasy or not like what its evolved into. My wife also likes to focus me allot getting her to relax about the idea was harder when it came to her understanding i was really okay with her giving into her lust. Its an interesting lifestyle and I am still learning as I go. Goodluck to you with your wife just talk to her and be patient. Use your instincts about her and relationships involve compromise on both sides. Its much harder to practice than preach hehe so little more listening and bit more coaxing in other areas or confidence boosting might help with a balance.

Just my 2 cents


talk to her , communication is the key .. maybe she feels guilty show her you love her no matter what ..
good luck