Help getting PAWG friend SoCal/Ventura blacked...

Hey all,
A good friend, blonde, fit, 30s PAWG daddys girl in Ventura is frustrated by low testosterone, insecure, immature white guys she's dated. Also she's a bit insecure about "Size 0" bony white SoCal girls as her expectation.

Finally told her the obvious, dress sexy, show off the ass, hit an urban grown n sexy lounge or dance club, and enjoy all the attention from black men, get drunk, dance, get dates and invites to parties, maybe fuck some hot guys. She loves the idea and wants to try black men for first time.

She wants a guy to date regularly, but she's way too undersexed, horny, and needing to be a sex object especially for confident, mature, (preferably bbc / local / can host or hotel who knows) MEN to treat her right in and out of bed. She's open to some kink, with right men, and needs a guy with game and confidence to take charge, all that. She's sexually very curious and submissive, but not heavy experienced. She is ready.

Looking for SoCal/Ventura area black clubs, bars, lounges, parties. Also looking for Halloween parties and events for her. Glad to help local BBC find her and encourage her desires and exploration.
Just treat her good, no disease, protection, make her feel sexy and desired and get her off good, maybe regular?

Will grab face pics later. Again, any recommendations or interested guys with GAME to make her feel good and be alpha and see where it goes appreciated. She's drug free, but I keep telling her she needs 420 and black men. She agrees on black men.

Also maybe you can help me pick sexy outfits for bar/club/party. and for Halloween. She wants me to help dress her for black men. FullSizeR_4.jpg IMG_2505.jpg IMG_4424.jpg IMG_4546.jpg
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NOTE - shes a curvy inexperienced but very black curious blonde asking help to find night life where black guys hang out. Not the same girl as our profile here; but 100% real and a good friend, totally black curious, and asking for help getting seen and picked up.

Showed her a very sexy, easy access club outfit showing ass, and am choosing Halloween costumes revealing her booty a lot. Open to suggestions. Told her no cop outfit and nothing is allowed to cover her great ass... needs to be on display for BBC guys all night.

Schoolgirl outfits are good but common; have some good slutty choices for her. Told her she needs to hit several events or parties in costume and she agreed.
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ALSO, she needs older (late 30's+) assertive but respectful black MAN with GAME who can hold conversation and seduce to meet. Preferably can host or get a nice hotel, not married, kinky (?), alpha.
She's had too many young guys, and needs change.

She's wants black men to seduce her, dance maybe sex or go out again then fuck, but is horny, black curious, and looking for men.
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UPDATE: Working with her still, getting her out of her shell, etc.

She's shy, a bit insecure, inexperienced, but curious and open. Daily encouragement to get out, seen, be a sexy star.

Shy white lady friends always express interest and just need some support to get out and get what they want. More updates soon.