Help finding perfect IR video plz...

There's a Brazilian clip about 30 min long where a black and a mestizo guy enter a gate and fake force a blonde. Both guys have massive dicks.
Used to be easy to find but haven't seen it in a long time.
The guys have a knife they brandish once in a while, they hold the blonde down too.

She looks just like the wife who is going to get a rough, dominant share with a black couple soon. Want her to see this and touch herself to it.
Xnxx or xhamster had it. The guys have a couple like it but the blonde one is the wifes twin..
SO hot. Help plz....
I saw a sexy one once where there is a white couple trying to escape some African soldiers. They get cornered in a room and the black soldier knocks the white guy out. He then forces himself on the white woman and of course she fights at first but eventually gives in and starts to enjoy it.

After he's finished with her the white guy wakes up and I think shoots the soldier with his gun he left. The couple run off together and I assume escape. The white guy knows what happened but I wouldn't assume he knew she enjoyed it.

I've only seen it once. I've looked for it again but I've never found it.