HELP. Advice needed please

So me and my girlfriend have been fantasising about her being with other men which are more well endowed than me, also depriving me of sex. All this is well and good but as soon as I try to make things real it doesn't happen it's not the fact that she doesn't want to its the fact that she doesn't want a complete stranger but we can't really have it as someone we know we live in a small town and everyone will find out in a matter of time and what if the person we ask says no and tells people, even if we did find someone we both know and they're willing even with the best intentions these sorts of things will always get out and become common knowledge. Any advice from people been in this situation or have any ideas would be a great help thanks.


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A couple ways you might consider approaching this. One would be to locate an adult lifestyle club near you, as there are bunches of these now. Most of the nicer ones have a website of their clubs. You could attend one or two during off hours to get a tour and ask questions, then attend their hospitality bar and meet some people ... that's how my wife & I did it. Then invite them to your home rather than using the club facilities.
You might also consider a few married guys, who definitely not talk. During casual conversation you just mention that you'd like to fulfill your wife's fantasy (nice 3-some) and don't know who to ask ... watch their hand go up really fast. LOL!
Also, you might consider taking her clubbing, and letting her meet & dance with other guys to meet them. Mac ;)
I would recommend using Adult Friend Finder to locate a black guy in a city that is about 30 to 50 miles away. Bigger city even better. Chat with him on line. Skype, Yahoo video chat whatever. Develop a nice online rapport then arrange for a meet in that other city. I would never hook up my wife with someone local. Too much of a chance of getting found out or some part of the relationship souring and the guy could cause issues. This is what I would do.