I have introduced a good friend of mine to interracial cuckolding. She has had BBC before and is curious about the other side of things. She is beautiful and truly is made for this. She has told me to find her guys so here we go.



Real Person
I need to know more about you to trust the pics bro. I dont play games or waste time with the back and forth so this may not be for me. Read my profile and connect private if you see fit. have your lady present as well. Peace
I'm interested as well - but like bedstuyguy said, I need to know more. A lot of times gay guys pose as straight women, or with pics of straight women to lure black men into situations with them, or tedious online back and forths with them. Nothing against anyone who is gay, but since I am not gay, or even bi, I don't want to be manipulated into something by a gay guy. Not only that, but I don't even know if you are in my area, to know if I could even play with you guys.