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hello this is my story

I am from England and would love to watch somebody fuck the brains out of my girlfriend.

She told me years ago that she would like to try a mfm but now she always denies ever saying it. she always says that I have enough to please her however not so long ago I got her a love egg type thing and told her it came with a "free" penis extender (it actually cost £15;)

If I’m been honest when it arrived even I was shocked at how big it was it's about 13inches long (I’m probably about 7 at most) but it’s the girth that really surprised me it’s probably 3inch across at the base.

Anyway one night when we were using the egg I told her about the extension and showed it to her at first she said no way! So thinking that was that I jokingly shoved it into her mouth saying go on. to my surprise she did not take it out bearing in mind I was still fucking her, then after about ten seconds I saw her pop her tongue out the side of her mouth and started to try and lick the huge b3ll end that is easy the size of a large egg.

Sorry I know I’m very poor at writing about the size of things but honestly this thing is huge.

Then she turned her head the other way and said go on the put it on. It was a bit trick to get on it had this rubber hoop type thing that the balls need to drop through to keep it on. It really wasn't going on until she jumped up rolled over the bed and got a small bottle of lube. She squirted a huge blob into her hand and rubbed it over my now tiny looking c0ck and balls then helped me slide into it. This felt a bit strange because it was a bit cold. She then rubbed the rest of the lube over the fecking massive shaft lying back on the bed giving me a look that very nearly made me bust my nut on the spot. Looking down at this huge blue monster (did I say it was blue?)I started to think no way myself and that I was about to be made to look a rite tool after it doesn't fit. Ever the optimist I asked her 1 last time was she sure too witch she did not respond so I pushed the end of the monster against her now worryingly wet lips. at first it was a no go the coldness of the thing had made me go a bit "floppy" As I went to pull away she grabbed it and said wait, with that her pu22y opened wider than I have ever seen she took a shallow breath making a noise of both pain and pleasure and the huge blue b3ll slipped into her. I didn't feel much because my b3ll was still a good 4-5 inches away from any kind of warmth. I started very slowly to work it in and out, thinking at any moment she was going to tell me to stop. She didn't I kept working it deeper and deeper. Every now and then I’d look down at her and could tell it was hurting but also giving her deep pleasure. Bit by bit I kept pushing deeper every time shed take another shallow breath. I then started to feel her warmth through the thick rubber. Just knowing it was deeper that anything/one had been nearly made me "finish" she seemed to sense this pulled me down and said don't you dare fucking cum. I managed to get a good 2/3 she came 3 times before pulling it off shoving it back into her mouth and demanding I cum inside her. Trust me it was fucking brilliant!!

Since this happened we haven't used it again she says she’s scared but I think she just embraced to admit she loved it.

1 night when we were talking about it. As if she hadn't thought about what she was about to say she said it was good like how she imagined having sex with a large black man would be. Feeling instantly horny (thinking this is the time to ask her to do it) said what! But she wouldn't repeat it she just kept saying nothing.

Now my question it does anybody think she would do it? If so would the like to?

Anybody who is serious we can sort emails and I can send you a few videos.

Many thanks for reading this far. I’m not sure about the other stuff on here but this story is 100% true.