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hello i'm cumjunke

I believe I'm looking for the impossible. For years I've been trying to find that woman who is grateful to her man for trying to provide for her or allow her to do what ever it takes to be as sexually satisfied as possible. I want a woman who is genuinely turned on by her man sucking one with her. Cleaning her up after a good session, sucking her clit while she's getting pumped by another, having multiple partners or as many as she desires. At the very least I would like her to have a dick a day if possible. Things like that for instance. All the while she is truly thankful and grateful to me for allowing her this lifestyle....not the humiliating sissy boy treatment so many seem to want. That turns me off. For me its all about the woman being as turned on as me about the things I mentioned. And I'm fully happy being only with her! It really turns me on to hear her tell me how good she got it today or is getting it while I watch and help out. A lot can be freely done by her as long as I know about it and it doesn't become a sneaking behind the back thing. That is emotionally unfaithful to me...if that makes any sense. I guess you could say the physical UN-faithfullness along with the emotional FAITHfulness is what I seek. I have yet to find one who can do both. That's why I'm trying this. I guess we'll see if I get any responses. If nothing else would someone tell me if I'm looking for the impossible? Surely I'm not the only person in the world t seek this?

Thanks for letting me rant

p.s. You can drop me an email to setup a chat if need be. I'm within an hour of St. Louis. GO BLUES
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