Hello, i want to find a wife who can sleep with blacks while i'm watching

Hello, i'm a 24 years old white guy, recently i start having blacks on whites fantasies, so i'm having now the idea of black males are better than us, and the best thing for our women could get is to fuck with bllack males while we are watching, so i would like to marry with a wife and share with me my fantasy and has the courage to be ready and sleep with black males
Welcome dear,

You will to learn what do you need to well living, find black guys that likes homosexual relations (noot much of them) and some white woman will want to meet you. But I think there's someone close to you that likes and you both do not met you.. so perhaps you will meet some girl is looking for someone to marry.

Good luck.
I do not want to watch or no. It's not my desire, at least if is her desire. This is about her willing and pleasure of her. She controls and chooses everything around of you and what you do.
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