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Hello from Washington

Hedonist Ninja

Gold Member
Good interview and I dig the video clip. The male's mind is more visual so porn is always a treat... TY for that.

Speaking of which: You said in the interview that your dream/fantasy is to make professional porn with black talent? Yeah...

If you gave that some thought and really want to go ahead with that, I have some good news and today is your lucky day.
For women to get into porn, there is no real barrier to entry. You can be very close to living out your white girl fuck fantasy...

If you are serious you can hit up some sites that shoot IR scenes and you can also get represented by an agent or self represent and find work from legit ads for adult models. Most porn is shot in LA and South Florida. You will have to travel and in many cases you might have to pay your own way unless agreements are made beforehand with the company.

Reality Kings Agency

Contact them if you want to work. What I actually recommend however is that you try doing some cam shows (for black guys) and get paid doing that. ONCE YOU DO PORN you are exposed to the whole world as a porn girl. Many still won't know who you are if they see you on the street, yet some family or friends could discover your actions and in turn your interest in IR.

Blacks on Blondes/Dogfart has a cam business for girls to work from home. That is the most basic and least committal way to start to do pro porn. You can also back out, if it is not for you, with no real loss to your image.

Email the business staff here:

If you do get into porn... GET AN ACCOUNTANT or some accounting software. It is a business and what you earn is taxed. Duh. What some new girls don't know is they can deduct travel expenses (if those are not paid by the booker) and even items like hair and makeup supplies and clothes worn if those were used for the shoot. See a professional for tax and money management advice.

Are you going to get paid a lot? NO. Sorry to break your dreams of riches from being a porn girl... It is normal for a girl to get $700 to $1800 per shoot. That is a lot of money to some but you earn the higher amounts by doing group sex with many cocks in your ass and pussy at once. Don't do on camera what you don't do in your personal life... Have you done anal at all? Trying in on camera the first time can have some pluses and minuses to it... LOL!

If you really have an IR porn fantasy I suggest you go and see if Kink.com will set up an IR gangbang for you. It can be a one time go and while you'll have a video out in the world, it will still not be as widespread as other sites you could work for. It is a good way to enter into the business and see what it is like. The staff there are good eggs as well.

Pay scale and what is required is posted here:

"Interracial Gangbang
One of the most popular things that women dream about is getting banged by a bunch of strapping Black men who aren't afraid to get dirty and hard on a woman. In these gangbang fantasies, anything is possible. Hardcore Gangbang gives the girl what she wants: interracial gangbang - tons of hot men, touching every inch of her pink holes and white skin. With scenes that include prison gangbangs where inmates of all colors gang up on a female warden to just your typical romantic street gangbang, all different men band together for one cause: to give one woman all their cocks and leave her exhausted and full of cum."


http://sexyjobs.com/ is a site that lets you see who is hiring adult models. You can use that as a resource to see what is happening.

Also look into http://www.modelmayhem.com/casting/search_casting and you can see about getting an agent (if you needed one or wanted one) here:


Women can get into porn very easy. There can be fall out to that and you will FOREVER be known as a porn girl even if you did just a few scenes. The excuse some women do use, rightfully, is their age if they did it when they were younger.

Many people in the porn world are normal and sort of interesting even. There too are dope pushers and users and some sick people. That can be a word of caution.

Think it over and get to know what your actual fantasies are. Either way, I wish you all the best in your personal life and I hope you keep having a good sex life. I am sure the black guys are enjoying beating your guts up from the inside out...