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    We are an open minded fun couple (F29 M33) and I have recently told my partner that I want to see her take black.

    We have had quite a few threesomes with white guys and are both quite excited by what new possibilities we are opening up to.

    Will verify soon :-D
  2. sammcster

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    Welcome to the forum. Hope you two are successful scoring her first blackening soon.
  3. cuckold7

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    I see you are new on this website. I would just like to welcome you to the site. I'm glad that you told your partner that you want to see her take black. When i first started watching porn i got turned on by seeing white men fucking white women, but after years of watching porn this no longer turns me on.

    I think you have probably reached a point in your life that you want to go even more taboo. The "normal" vanilla stuff is no longer good enough. The interracial cuckolding lifestyle is fun, exciting and very taboo. I think you will like it.

    I would like to know, what was your partners response when you told her you would like to see her take black?
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    Welcome to the family! And good luck on your side of the world!
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    Hello from London, welcome