Hello from Phil and Angie


Real Person
Hi, we are Phil and Angie. Although we are a married couple the screen name refers to Phil (obviously) and he is the primary person online (Angie is not very computer savvy). Phil is 40 and Angie is 38.

We are married with two children. We started swinging in 2004 (when our first baby was about 2). We weren't really sure what we were looking for. We knew that Angie wanted more sex and Phil wanted to watch. Swinging wasn't the best for this lifestyle. Most the people we met were couples who wanted to swap. We gave it up in 2006 to concentrate on having another baby.

In 2008 (a year after our second baby was born) we started swinging again. At first the results were very similar to our first attempt. Then we met Marcus. He was one of the few single males that was allowed to join the swing club we were members of (and it was obvious why he was allowed to join). Angie immediately became addicted to Marcus's big cock and his ability to fuck her for long periods. In 2010, Marcus came to us with a proposal - we all end our memberships with the club and he and Angie would see each other exclusively.

We talked it over and agreed. For the next year Marcus began to exert more and more control over Angie. By 2011 she was also getting fucked by his friends (all black men obviously). In 2012 Marcus presented us with a "contract". It was for show mostly, but it made his intentions clear. He wanted Angie to literally be his property, to fuck and suck whomever he said and whenever he said. We talked it over and agreed to it.

Angie signed the "contract". Phil is now a cuckold and Angie is a black-owned white whore.

We are not looking for any meetings or hook-ups (Angie has all she can handle right now). We would enjoy discussing this lifestyle with like-minded folks (both black and white).

Thank you for letting us join this wonderful site!

Phil & Angie