Hello from Oreo

My nickname is Oreo and this is my story. I am no stranger to BBC. As a matter of fact, as a teenager my first fuck was with a black guy. My second fuck was his best friend the same night in a hotel while we were out of town on a band trip. I fucked and sucked them both and they both shot me full of their warm creamy cum with my girlfriend in the room on the next bed. That experience earned me a reputation and the nickname Oreo. That has been many years ago, but I still masturbate thinking about it.

Now I'm older and married. My husband knows about some of my adventures, but if he found out the whole truth, he'd leave me. He only knows about some of the things I did before we met. But there have been several since we've been married. You see, sometimes it is like something takes over and I go out drinking. More often than not when this happens, I end up in a black man's bed, car or hotel room. This happens less now than it used to, but it still does and I think it always will. The last time was last Summer when I went to a bar and a nice visiting professional man bought me a few drinks and then took me to his room. I came home drunk and sloppy. My husband knew I had been up to no good because I was drunk and talking about what a bad girl I was, getting horny thinking about what I had just done. My pussy was throbbing and swollen from the pounding I had just taken at the hands of a man who wielded a beautiful 10" or better chocolate cock, but I was so drunk and horny that I pulled out my husband's cock and started sucking it. He tried to admit what I had done, but I only said "you know what a bad girl I am" and asked him to punish me by fucking my ass. which he happily did. He knew something was up, because he could see how swollen and open I was, dripping wet. He took out the camera and took pictures of me in degrading positions and I just kept getting hornier. He told me he'd post them and asked me if that turned me on. It does and he has, but he still doesn't know about my secret passion for black cock. Part of me thinks he'd be into it, but part of me is scared he'll leave. I love my husband and he can please me in bed, but I get bored and would like some variety. I am considering telling him, but if I do, how?