Hello from Michigan!


Hello Everyone! New member here. Been a voyeur at looking at posts and on the blog, thought I would introduce my/ourselves and tell you a little bit about us.

We are a mwc. We have been together for about 13 years. I am 46 and she is 48. Have had this fantasy for years. I introduced it to her about 10 years ago and we just got into the role playing of it. She really liked it, but wasn't interested in actually getting into the "lifestyle" for real, so we just kept it as fantasy and role play. We backed off it for a few years, but recently started getting back into it.

I have noticed she has more interest in men and talks more about them lately, so I try and put her in situations to where some things might peak her interest and seems to be working. For now that is where we are at. Would be great to talk to other couples and of course Black Men! And possibly start friendships and grow from there.